5 Ways Fathers-To-Be Can Support Pregnant Women

When it comes to pregnancy, many men feel dazed and confused as to how to help their wives or significant others. The woman carries the child, endures the physical changes, brings the baby into the world and expects the father to share the ride with her. But, remember it’s a joint effort. Here are some tips where fathers-to-be can help the expectant mom during her pregnancy.

Keep communication lines open. We know that pregnant women go through many changes, both physically and emotionally. It’s nice to be able to discuss exciting moments and concerns with loved ones. From the first bouts of morning sickness, the first kick from the baby to the beginning of labor pains, the father-to-be should be there with open ears to listen and comfort. There may be good days and bad ones, however this is a time for couples to talk and help each other through this wonderful milestone of life.

Spend special moments together. Most men loathe shopping, but this time do it with a fun attitude. The father can help out the expectant mother pick out precious things for their new baby. Create a nursery together and even pick out a cute pair of booties as a couple. Take the time to visit the obstetrician together. Don’t let the mother feel like the pregnancy is something she has to contend with alone.

Do little things that show you care. Men vowed to care for their wives in sickness and in health. Although you really can’t call pregnancy a sickness, the nice gestures help to keep a woman feeling loved during these long nine months. The little things like pretty flowers, helping with dinner, pitching in with laundry or even drawing a nice bubble bath for the pregnant mom means so much. And if you have prior children, helping with the little ones is a must. Let the roles change periodically where the pregnant lady can put her feet up and relax for a little while.

Reserve some couple time. Make sure to schedule a few date nights before the baby arrives. Even if you have other children, a babysitter may be your best friend. It’s nice to keep the pizzazz in your relationship and with a newborn on the way, these dates may have to be postponed or changed to an at home type of entertainment. Be creative and keep the relationship bond strong.

How about a massage? Invest in some massage oil and treat the pregnant lady to a loving massage. It is one of the most appreciated things a father can do for an expecting mother. Not only do massages ease the aches and pains that plague a pregnant body, but the gentle touch spells love.


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    1. Profile photo of Donna Thacker
      Donna Thacker

      It’s been a long time, but I remember the best thing my husband did for me was to indulge the crazy cravings and locate whatever it was I was craving at the time, even if it was late at night!

    2. Profile photo of Gina  M. Menorca
      Gina M. Menorca

      It is very important to educate husband on this matter. In our superstition, A pregnant woman should really step over the husband during the first stage of pregnancy while he is sleeping. for him to experience the morning sickness, the craving, and everything. And the cure is to bathe him by his pregnant wife at midday for a dipper of water only. It works. Truly, because I have done it.

    3. Profile photo of Gil Camporazo
      Gil Camporazo

      I remember when my wife got pregnant of our second child. I used to talk to her, make her happy and joint with her on her early morning walk. I always talk to her and assure her that I would be around when she had to deliver. But there were times that I failed to communicate with her due to the pressure of my work. I went home late in the evening without saying hello to her. I realized that it wasn’t good.

      1. Profile photo of Gil Camporazo
        Gil Camporazo

        I do agree with you. In my case, I am always asking my friend on what to do for a pregnant woman like m wife. And they are ready to give suggestions. I do follow their advice.

      1. Profile photo of Gil Camporazo
        Gil Camporazo

        I couldn’t remember anymore if I was a helpful hubby to my dear wife. I was always busy and preoccupied of my work.

      1. Profile photo of Gil Camporazo
        Gil Camporazo

        I remember this particular situation which I terribly in a great trouble when my wife asked me something which I couldn’t find in the market or everywhere. I forgot if what I had done to calm her down or make her happy.

    4. Profile photo of Jo Pin
      Jo Pin

      Pregnancy is a unique time. Husband can take the pressure off by being supportive during and after the birth. I see more and more hands on dad and very supportive husband nowadays.

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