Alexander the Great May Have Thought ~ What’s So Great About My Life?

A special thanks to a fellow blogger at another site, who was sharing posts about historical figures and questioning why these people were recorded in history as heroes, which is a very good question. One post was about Richard the Lionhearted, a British monarch, and the other was about Peter the Great, a Russian ruler. Both posts have inspired me to sort of put my own spin on that thought thread. In this post, the discussion will be about Alexander the Great, a historical figure that many people like to write or talk about.

Name written in history or not, every human being is just an A-O-P (“another ordinary person.”) Most ordinary people and extraordinary people usually want the same thing. To be happy.

Here is what you see when you look up close at this son of a king.

  • He was a teenager when he started out on the path wherein he was determined to become a memorable military and political leader, whom generals even to this day study to improve their leadership skills and abilities.

Eh! Not really. His dad didn’t like him and wanted to get him out of his face, so he sent him away to fight! No matter who you are, if one or both of your parents don’t like you, that messes with your head!

  • He was dead by the time he reached his early 30s.

There are different stories about his death, but if you ask me, I say his mind and body just burned out!

When you look at him up close, you may be moved to think, ‘How awful!!’

There are different stories about how he died, but how he lived wasn’t really all that great!

By contrast to my own life.

  • At age 16, I was just figuring out who I was and what I wanted to be. 1972 marked the year I graduated from high school and my first year at the University of Miami. Also, my beloved father passed away. He was taken away from me, but he never sent me away from him.
  • By the time I was in my 30s, I had been happily married to the man of my dreams, with kids, for about a decade. Seems to me like Alexander the Great had a sad life and didn’t do much living at all! After 15 years of nothing but fighting and killing, maybe he was thinking: ‘This is my life? What’s so great about it?’

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  1. Profile photo of Rex Trulove
    Rex Trulove

    This is personal observation only, but from what I’ve seen, truly and honestly great people in every walk of life I can think of have one thing in common. They never thought that they were all that great at the time.

    1. Profile photo of Treathyl FOX
      Treathyl FOX Post author

      I genuinely believe that many who set their minds on being “great”, think too highly of themselves. In a blink of an eye, all they strive to achieve and take credit for building can vanish. I always found it interesting that a few of the so-called “wonders” of the ancient world were tombs. To me, those “wonders” look like the products of desperate dead people who just didn’t want to let go of their greatness. Nobody’s great. We’re all nothing but the dust of the earth. 🙂

    2. Profile photo of Rex Trulove
      Rex Trulove

      As Solomon put it, nothing is new under the sun. It is my firm belief that those who are great can only be considered that way if that is the decision of their peers. Einstein would have argued if anyone called him great (and occasionally did argue the point). Also, a person who is considered to be great by some people may be thought of as a wicked fool by others. Prince Vlad was considered to be great by his people, but not so much, by his victims.

    1. Profile photo of Treathyl FOX
      Treathyl FOX Post author

      I think perhaps the military men who study him probably say to themselves: ‘Conquer the world? Hmmm? I would have done things a little differently.’ But they go ahead and copy his good strategies in order to take out the enemy. Cause hey! If something works, it works! Don’t argue with success! 🙂

  2. Profile photo of Andria Perry
    Andria Perry

    I am thinking that back in those days it was a noble act to fight for your country and please your father, whether he like you are not.

    I stumbled this article.

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