Catching Pokemon In The Graveyard

One of the places I like to frequent while hunting Pokemon is the graveyard. I think the graveyard is a great place to have Pokey stops, battles and chase Pokemon. Depending on who you talk to will depend if they agree. But there is no wrong or right place to hunt Pokemon.

There are simple rules to follow. Some are common sense. Such as :

  1. Be aware of your surroundings at all times.
  2. Never trespass or walk on or over a grave to chase Pokemon.
  3. Do not knock on strangers doors to hunt Pokemon.
  4. Be considerate of others visiting the graveyard.
  5. Do not block traffic if you are traveling in your vehicle. Please pull to the side.
  6. Do not drive and hunt Pokemon.
  7. If you plan on throwing a lure out to attract Pokemon, eat your lunch and catch the Pokemon you lure. Pull to the side where you are not in anyone’s way.
  8.  Do not stand in the middle of the road blocking it. You could get hit by a passing vehicle.
  9. Have respect and keep your voices down. Other people are there visiting or mourning their loved ones.
    10. If a burial is going on with family attending, leave and come back when they are done.

I choose a very popular graveyard to go Pokemon hunting at. I have a grandmother and grandfather                 buried there. I go and pay my respects.

My grandfather is buried in the area where the veterans or military personal get buried. Near the front of the cemetery. My grandmother is buried in an area with several trees. Her grave is in the shade.

I often wondering when I drive by if they hear as i wave hello.

DSC09705 (2)

While I am Pokemon hunting, I check out the graves. One area of the graveyard is very old. I don’t only hunt the Pokemon or collect at the game stops. You might say I stop and smell the roses. As I look at the graves and read the names.

DSC09739 (2)

One grave I came across is a family of race car drivers. Father and son with the same names. The father was buried in his racecar in this very spot. Yes, a real race car was buried in this cemetery.

DSC09708 (2)

Now this gravestone has a more sinister story behind it. I am talking about the one that looks like a tree trunk. It is made of stone. I live in Ohio. Ohio is known for haunted cemeteries.

DSC09711 (2)

The story goes : On a certain time of the year near dusk. If you point your headlights at the tombstone. You will see a noose hanging from this one.

Supposedly, there was a tree in this spot that was used for hangings. One day a mob came along and cut the limbs off the tree. As the people didn’t like the hangings. The tree was replaced with this statue as a reminder of what happen in the past.

The noose was used in a hanging deaths. The people who were hanged still walks the grounds. I don’t know if it true or not. As I don’t look for things like that. Nor did I walk close enough to get a closer look.

Another story tells of a child wanting to take a swim. Walked to the river at the back of the graveyard. Took his shoes and shirt off. Jumped in the river to go swimming. Never to be seen again. A body of the boy was never recovered. Only thing found was his shirt folded up on top of his shoes by the river.

DSC09725 (2)

This tombstone was found in the older section of the graveyard. I don’t know the meaning behind it.  As there is no dates. Only one word with a cross. It is rather tall in height.

DSC09722 (2)

Sometimes you run in to friends, family or people you know while visiting the cemetery or hunting Pokemon.

DSC09732 (2)

The thing about hunting Pokemon in a graveyard or cemetery. It doesn’t have to be scary or bored. If you look around at your surroundings, you could very well learn something.


    1. Profile photo of Sandy KS
      Sandy KS Post author

      I started getting in to visiting graveyards, when I was with an ex. We would visit to help out aging relatives who could no longer visit. By placing things on the different grave for them.

  1. Profile photo of Gina  M. Menorca
    Gina M. Menorca

    This story makes me think about graveyards in my place. Ours is a public cemetery where the graves are made just like the condominiums. no story to tell just names and dates. After 5 years If you the family of the dead do not pay the remains will be dump .

    1. Profile photo of Sandy KS
      Sandy KS Post author

      I will play the Pokemon game, yes. Any others no. I mainly go to collect Pokeballs. I like to do it at the graveyard. As I can walk at my slow pace. I don’t have to worry about speeding cars. Or someone bumping in to be to get around me. Because I am walking to slow.

  2. Profile photo of Marsha Cooper
    Marsha Cooper

    I like to go to cemeteries and look at headstones. I shared a lot of pictures of interesting and old ones over Memorial Day weekend.
    No Pokemon Go for me though.

    1. Profile photo of Sandy KS
      Sandy KS Post author

      I love to check out headstones at cemeteries to. I have found graveyards to be peaceful.

  3. Profile photo of Fifi Leigh
    Fifi Leigh

    Cemeteries are depressing, although most look nice, like a park scene but for the dead. we usually just go there, say a prayer or two, and leave.

    1. Profile photo of Sandy KS
      Sandy KS Post author

      I feel a peace or a calmness when I visit graveyards. I normally don’t stay long.

    1. Profile photo of Kyla Matton Osborne
      Kyla Matton Osborne

      I love to visit graveyards too. I find it both interesting and peaceful there. It’s a place of sanctuary, much like a church.

    2. Profile photo of Sandy KS
      Sandy KS Post author

      I love doing both. I always liked wandering cemeteries. Never was in to Pokemon til this game came out.

    3. Profile photo of Kyla Matton Osborne
      Kyla Matton Osborne

      Graveyards are generally considered hallowed ground. If it’s a churchyard, it will certainly be blessed. And even if a public cemetery weren’t specifically blessed, there have been many graveside ceremonies and blessings, and the intent of the visitors is usually a serene one. Even the landscaping is planned to make it feel peaceful today.

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