‘Feeling the Bern,’ Bernie Sanders?

Poor ol’ Bernie Sanders is “feeling the ‘Bern’” now. Yep, the Clinton political machine poured gas on his campaign, lit a match and threw it on his campaign. Politics at it’s best. Or politics at it’s worst. You will have to decide.

It is almost hard to believe Bernie Sanders thought he had a chance to win. Or, did he know the fix was in from the get go? Many speculate the only reason he allowed to run and get as far as he did was to make Hillary Clinton’s campaign look more legitimate.

She was the “chosen one” from the start. The Democrats picked her years ago to continue the reign of Obama. Now, Bernie Sanders is seeing, firsthand, just how far the Democrats will go to get their “golden girl” elected.

What are the Bernie Sanders’ supporters going to do? Those poor people are stuck between a rock and a hard place. They can either stick with the party that betrayed them and cheated Sanders. Or, they vote for Donald Trump. I’m guessing we’ll find out in November.

The Democratic National Convention (DNC) starts today. Seeing Bernie Sanders is feeling the “bern” from Hillary Clinton, how will the DNC handle the ugly scandal? Will they gloss it over? Or, will the Democrats try to explain their way out of it? We will see.


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    Marsha Cooper

    You will soon know that I don’t follow politics. I thought it is that Bernie Sanders is not on the ballot, but according to my 15 year old grandson he is.
    Then there is Jill Stein who I hear is on the Kansas ballot.
    Either way, whoever else is on there is getting my vote, not that it will make a difference.

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