Food Banks Need These Items

My family helps out at a local food bank. My boyfriend and teenagers will help distribute the food. Along with other duties. Such as filling up food boxes. Or helping out with the paperwork. To loading the food boxes in to people’s vehicle.

My family uses the local food banks to get extra food in our home. That way food lasts all month. I have recipes on my personal website from meals I have made that I have received from the local food banks.

Many people depend on food banks to help stretch their food budgets. Sometimes getting food from a food bank is the only way many families will eat that night.

Here is a list of things that food banks need donated. As food banks do hand out more than food to needy people and families. See below for more details.)

Money – You can always donate money to your local food banks. Food banks have places where they can buy food and supplies in bulk at cheaper prices. Compared to regular stores. Thus making the money go further by purchasing more products.

Crackers, popcorn, tortillas sliced bread, and loaves.

Canned veggies – Donate your families favorites. Not only green beans.

Canned fruits – Please donate something other than applesauce. It seems to be the only canned fruit my local food banks hand out.

Canned meats or nuts – Tuna, salmon, mackerel, chicken, beef, spam etc. Many food banks don’t have a way to keep foods frozen. They depend on canned meats or nuts.

Condiments – Ketchup, mustard, mayo, peanut butter, or salad dressing. Many families don’t have extra money to spend on condiments to help make their food taste better.

Holiday foods – Donate towards the holidays. Canned pumpkin, jello boxes, stuffing mixes, etc. The simple holiday theme products maybe the only way a family can create a holiday meal.

Oils – Something one needs to make home cooked meals. It can be expensive. So, donate canola, coconut or olive oil’s.

Juice – Juice boxes, pouches or cans.

Canned soups or packets. Easy to heat up or make on the go for homeless people.

Powdered milk, evaporated milk, or pouches of milk.

Donate snacks for kids lunches or after school snack.

Eggs – With prices as high as they are. Many families have stopped buying eggs to add to their families meals.

Boxed meals that need milk, water, or egg. Do not donate box meals that need more ingredients. Such as hamburger. Why? If the food bank is not handing out hamburger. The box meal will be a waste.

Cereals of all kind. Hot and cold cereals. Not just plain cereals such as corn flakes. Most families that rely on food banks do not buy the high-priced cereals for their kids. As they can’t afford it.

Pasta, canned beans, and rice.

Biscuit, cookie and brownie mixes that need water or milk.

Food banks also accept other items to pass out to customers. As many people struggle to buy much needed toiletries and hygiene products. When bills are overdue, the last thing a single parent will look to buy is something she may need. It is not fun choosing between paying bills or buying food.  Or something as simple as washing your clothes or hair.

Such as :

Feminine hygiene products. Most needed are pads or tampons.

Toilet paper and paper towels

Lip balm – Someone that lives outside year around can use this.

Toothbrushes and toothpaste

Shampoo and conditioner




Disposable razors

Laundry soap

Diapers (Of all sizes, even adult) and diaper wipes

Can you think of anything I have left off the list?

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    1. Profile photo of Sandy KS
      Sandy KS Post author

      You could always start one. Our foodbank was started through a church.

    1. Profile photo of Sandy KS
      Sandy KS Post author

      I am glad to hear that. Yes, ours is always busy to. It allows people to come twice a month.

  1. Profile photo of Gil Camporazo
    Gil Camporazo

    This is similar to our Church food storage. Any member of the Church may donate foods to sustain the food supply inside the storage. This food storage is open to all needy and the poor members of our Church.

    1. Profile photo of Sandy KS
      Sandy KS Post author

      That is wonderful!!! I enjoy hearing how others help one another. I find the stories to be inspiring. Where I want to do do more to help.

    2. Profile photo of Gil Camporazo
      Gil Camporazo

      We call that kind of service as a love in action. Serving others by providing their needs for they lack them is a way of serving the Lord.

    3. Profile photo of Gil Camporazo
      Gil Camporazo

      God bless. Allow me to share this to you what the Scripture says about it: “… when ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God. ” Mosiah 2:17, Book of Mormon

  2. Profile photo of Kyla Matton Osborne
    Kyla Matton Osborne

    This is a pretty comprehensive list. I’d add that baking ingredients like flour, sugar, shortening/lard, margarine, baking powder, salt, etc. are great to donate as well. The “complete” (just add water) baking mixes for pancakes, cookies, muffins, etc. are a help but there are a lot of low-income families who need the basic ingredients for other kinds of food. And often, the raw ingredients are much less expensive than the mixes. So you can help more people for less money.

    1. Profile photo of Sandy KS
      Sandy KS Post author

      Yes, that stuff needs donated. It would be a relief. However, those are not normally donated. I am not sure why. Now there is one in our area that does nothing but fresh fruits, veggies and sweets. Such as day old doughnuts and such from a local bakery.

    2. Profile photo of Kyla Matton Osborne
      Kyla Matton Osborne

      In our area, the food bank seems to give out a lot more dried goods. They give portions of flour, sugar, “complete” baking mixes, etc. They used to give a lot of dried beans too, but I think they stopped because the clients weren’t using them. Too bad! There’s so much nutrition in beans…

    3. Profile photo of Sandy KS
      Sandy KS Post author

      I wonder if I mention to my boyfriend to pass along a mention of dry goods. If it would matter. I do know they share pastas and dry beans already.

  3. Profile photo of Andria Perry
    Andria Perry

    Years ago I used to run by and ask for extras when the money was low, I usually donate when the mail does the drives and I put more than green beans 🙂

    I tweeted and stumbled this article.

    1. Profile photo of Sandy KS
      Sandy KS Post author

      I think you have a very kind hearted lady. I know you help many people from reading your stories. I think it is wonderful.

    2. Profile photo of Andria Perry
      Andria Perry

      @rusty2rusty I have been know to deliver meals to the needy and not tell anyone I was coming. I think its almost time to do that again.

      Thank you for you kind words.

  4. Profile photo of Pat Z Anthony
    Pat Z Anthony

    We won’t donate anything we won’t eat ourselves-something people should think about. We have heard comments from some similar to -‘well, if they are hungry, they will eat it’ and have to wonder why some have such a terrible attitude about those needing help.

    1. Profile photo of Sandy KS
      Sandy KS Post author

      I don’t donate what I won’t eat myself either. Contrary to popular belief, if someone doesn’t like something. No matter how hungry they are, they are not going to eat it.
      It makes me wonder if those peopel don’t really want to help someone in need, but donate to look good. Or to say they done something to help. When their heart really isn’t in it.

  5. Profile photo of Rex Trulove
    Rex Trulove

    Our church runs the local food bank and church members do all the behind the scenes work. One of the things that we normally donate late in the year are zucchinis and such. Apples and oranges are also helpful, but produce that has a very short shelf life, like lettuce and tomatoes, usually aren’t. Last year, we (the food bank) also gave away a big shipment of potatoes, which can last a long time if they are handled properly. That shipment was 46,000 pounds of potatoes

    What some people do is donate 50 pound bags of cornmeal, flour or rice. That is fine, because we can put that in gallon sized zip lock bags.

    1. Profile photo of Sandy KS
      Sandy KS Post author

      I am happy to hear your church offers a foodbank for the needy.
      The foodbank I mention was started by a member of the church. The church member donated $100 out of his own pocket to start it up. From there it took off.

    2. Profile photo of Rex Trulove
      Rex Trulove

      Ours is the poorest county in the state and it has the highest unemployment rate. If we didn’t have a food bank, a lot of people would go hungry. This isn’t a very large town, only around 800 people in the entire valley, so we tend to be forgotten by the state. Our food bank gives away about 11 pallets of food weekly, which might not sound like much, but it has a huge impact.

      We also operate the clothing bank…same principle but clothes instead of food and people can go into the clothing bank and select what they want. We also have our wood ministry. This is firewood and it is for poor families, to help them stay warm during the winter. About 3/4 of the heating here is using firewood. The tree falling, cutting, hauling and splitting is all volunteer and last year, 130 cords of wood were delivered to people in the community. (Our lead pastor was formerly a tree cutter in Oregon and is well adept at dropping big firs and pines, then sawing them up.)

      All of this is done because that is what the bible says we should do; helping and giving to the needy. It has made such an impact on our community that many Assembly of God churches around the country are using the same idea to help their communities. I should also say that people are helped regardless of their religious beliefs and in fact, no one even asks what those beliefs are. I mention that because I’ve heard of several churches that claim to be Christian, but who refuse to help anyone who doesn’t belong to their church (and that is *not* a Christian attitude).

    3. Profile photo of Sandy KS
      Sandy KS Post author

      @rextrulove We do not have a clothing bank in my area. I sure would love to start one. As there is none in my area.

      I am glad there is help in your area. I do believe in helping others as is taught in the Bible. I do not of a few churches that make you go to their service, their church. Otherwise they won’t help you.

    4. Profile photo of Rex Trulove
      Rex Trulove

      @rusty2rusty, do you have an Assembly of God church nearby? That is the church we go to. You could speak to the pastor about starting a clothing bank and if he doesn’t know how, have him contact me and I’ll put him in contact with our lead pastor. You could also start one yourself, though it requires several people who are willing to donate their time and effort, even if it is for just a few hours, one day a week. Our clothing bank is only open on Tuesdays from 10 to 2. You also need a place to do it, but it doesn’t need to be big or fancy. Ours isn’t much more than a room that is about 20 feet by 10 feet, with a smaller room connected to it where clothing that’s donated can be sorted. Some clothing will be garbage, but other clothing will be good and worth hanging up. Right now, we are getting so much clothing that we don’t have room enough for all of it and a lot of good stuff is getting tossed.

      Still, it isn’t all that hard to set up. All money donations are used directly for the clothing bank. I’d recommend contacting the Assembly of God pastor first, though, if you have an AOG church there. If the pastor is interested (and there is a good chance that he will be) but would prefer not to contact me, have him get in contact with Pastor Jim Sinclair, AOG Church on the Move, Plains, Montana.

    1. Profile photo of Sandy KS
      Sandy KS Post author

      I am hoping my teens learn a good lesson for helping out. My daughter loves to help and will beg to go. My teen son, not so much. As he doesn’t believe in God.

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