Good Earth, Good Farmer

One of my all-time favorite novels is Good Earth by Pearl S Buck. Pearl S Buck is Nobel Prize winning author of numerous novels. Good Earth is based on the life of a farmer in 19th century China. I find Good Earth interesting, because I am a farmer and I am attached to the earth.

I have a small farm where I farm cereals and vegetables. I also raise cattle for milk production. I don’t entirely depend on farming, but make good money by selling ,my produce.

Earlier in the day we ploughed out farm. When my farmland is being ploughed, the dust that rises up from the field and the loud sound from tractor make me irritated. I always find plowing is very tiring work. However, I love farming.

It rained entire morning. When the dry earth was soaked with rain, aroma wafted from the soil. Have you ever smelled the aroma of earth? I so much love this smell of earth.

Rain means so much for me.

It rained, therefore, the temperature has lowered.

It rained, therefore, my vegetables and flowers will regain youth.

It rained, therefore, I can plant corn and beans.

It rained, therefore, I have lot of work in my garden and farm.

The earth is good for us as long as we are good to earth. If we protect our earth, the earth will protect us.

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    THANKS for sharing. I love to have organic food and fruits, thus farming in the natural way is my dream, I hope there won’t be scarity of food in the world anymore which happen to Nepal and my country, Malaysia.

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      Vinaya Post author

      So you are from Malaysia. Many people from Nepal travel to Malaysia for work.

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      Vinaya Post author

      what do you farm? we farm rice and corn, and vegetables too.

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