Guided through the Quran : A Review

“Guided through the Quran” (Bil Quran ihtadayt

in Arabic) is a very inspirational series that shows brief interviews of people who have accepted Islam as their religion and their way of life.

The host, Shaykh Fahad AlKandari, has travelled to many countries like Brazil, Sweden, Denmark, Japan, Netherlands, UK, USA and Spain to interview people about their journey to Islam.

The videos are brief, about 20-25 minutes long. They are in Arabic and English with English subtitles and usually the following questions have been asked:


The life of the person before accepting Islam
What prompted his or her journey towards Islam
The time and place of Shahada (testimony of faith declaring belief in the oneness of God (monotheism) and the acceptance of Muhammad ﷺ as Allah’s Messenger) and what the person felt at that time.
The reaction from family, friends etc and problems faced after accepting Islam
And last, the verses of the Quran or the surah that affected the person most.



As a person who is born a Muslim, this show had a very profound effect on me. Watching almost 90 episodes spread over three seasons, I felt emotions like gratitude and admiration as I listened to these beautiful and courageous people.



Gratitude, because I was born in a Muslim family and never have had to face the problems that these reverts had to face such as ostracization by family, loss of job, Islamophobia and even brutal physical attacks on women who chose to wear hijab in non Muslim European countries.

And I also felt great admiration because these are the people who struggled to search for siraat-e-mustaqim or the Right Path and remained steadfast in face of all the trials.

One of the amazing thing for me was how much they endeavoured to improve their knowledge of the Arabic language and tajweed to read the Quran and be able to pray because they felt that unless they learn the language, they would forever remain dependant on other people to translate the Quran for them and their own knowledge would remain inadequate.

On a personal level I felt that stories from France were most inspirational. One was most amazing stories was of Arnoud van Doorn, a Dutch politician whose party had sponsored the anti Muslim movie Fitna. However once he read the Quran, his feelings towards Islam and Muslims changed completely and he decided to become a Muslim.

For some people just one verse of the Holy Quran was enough to change their life forever. For some, the story of Jesus in the Quran proved to a catalyst while others were impressed by the scientific facts and miracles mentioned in the Quran. Some searched for peace and some felt lost in a dark world. Whatever the reason, each person had a beautiful story to tell.

If you have never met a Muslim in your life and all you know about Islam comes via news channels, I would request you to watch a few episodes of this show on YouTube.



From Rahim Jung in UK to Yasmeen Rolland in USA, to Alessandro in Brazil to Nicola in France, you will meet some amazing new Muslims who are following their deen with humbleness and piety and are beautiful examples of Muslims which you will never see on mainstream media.





Image credit: Milansari7/Pixabay/CC


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  1. Profile photo of S.L. Luna
    S.L. Luna

    Beautiful insight. I believe that love and respect should prevail in humanity regardless of color , religion sexuality , and differences in ideologies. The extremists we see in mainstream do not uphold Islam , they’d not fighting about religion , its terrorism , hate and evil caused by Satan . I have Muslim friends in the Phil’s and they are true to their faith .

    1. Profile photo of Dawnwriter
      Dawnwriter Post author

      @stbrians Thank you. If you ever have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. There are lots of misconceptions and doubts about Islam but I will try my best to answer if you want to know anything.

  2. Profile photo of Andria Perry
    Andria Perry

    I am a christian but I believe that each person should worship God the way they chose to do so. After all we all believe in the creator and that is God in Heaven.

  3. Profile photo of Ceci

    Good sharing. I learnt Islamic culture during my high school time, and I am living in a Islamic country, Malaysia. Religion is not an issue, but interest of politics yes influence a lot on the living of people.

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