Have a Great Saturday


Its Saturday morning here. I woke up couple of minutes ago and I have not gone to bathroom yet, after I woke up I booted my laptop. I will check mails and social media notifications and then go the bathroom and freshen up. I have a very busy day.

When I was done with 30 minutes of surfing the internet, I woke my wife and then went to have a quick wash. After I came back from bathing, my wife went inside the bathroom. It is common for my wife to bath in the early morning because she goes to work at 6:45.

I will have lunch around 11:30. After lunch I will drive to the town. I have some works in the bank. I have to deposit money in my account, transfer some money to my brother and sister, and get a statement of my account.

I hope to get back to my farmhouse by 5. In the evening, I will visit from farmland and see my rice and corn plants.

Since rainy season is around, grass and hedges are around, the country road is muddy, and streams are gushing.

It is almost 8 in the morning. A little while ago I had a cup of coffee. Before I prepare my breakfast, I will have another cup of coffee. Or perhaps, I should fill my cup right now and spend some time on my websites.

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      Vinaya Post author

      Enjoy your stay here.I am also enjoying social interaction on this site.

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    shaloo walia

    It was raining heavily when I woke this morning. Finally the much awaited monsoon is here. It seems that it’s going to stay cloudy the whole day. I have to attend bhrigu jyotish classes in the afternoon and in the evening, I will go to Lord Jagannath Shobha Yatra.

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      Vinaya Post author

      So you are learning jothishi? Have you learned to read the birthchart?

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      Vinaya Post author

      Where are you located? I am from Nepal and in Nepal is is rainy season.

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