Helium: The Great Writing Site That Collapsed


I have seen rise and fall of writing sites. Blog Bourne is a new writing site. Helium was once a great writing site.

Helium was one of the trusted content sites for the online writers. It not only gave an opportunity to earn revenue from published articles but also an opportunity to sell articles on traditional media platform.

Helium had dual function, Helium Network, a publishing platform for writers, and Helium Content Source, a content provider to business. Helium had multiple websites where writers could publish their works, which would be later marketed for traditional media.

Helium shut down in 2014. When the shit down was announced it sent newsletter sent to the members, saying it will be available on read only mode from May 21, and from December 15, 2014 the entire site will shut down and the members account terminated.

When Helium announced closer, I was happy. Helium was the first site to pay me, but it had tough rules, we could not delete articles and had to give exclusive rights. Before Helium terminated, I had an account but it was inaccessible. The site admin refused to help me, but keep my articles remain published on the site. I had more than 35 articles on Helium websites. This was my second account. I created the second account, when Helium deleted my account. My first account had 300 articles, which the site deleted without giving me an opportunity to save on my computer.

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  1. Profile photo of IcyBC

    I was also on Helium! It was a great site to write for, and I sold few articles in the Market Place. The only thing I don’t really like about that site was the rating between writers, since it created a close knit circles, and they are not too kind with others.

  2. Profile photo of Vinaya
    Vinaya Post author

    @icybc I also sold many articles on Helium market place. I think I liked the rating system, it helped us understand our authority on the genre.

  3. Profile photo of John

    I heart about Helium… But maybe I was on the other site doing things blah blah and the site closed down due to non- payment. Tsk..

    1. Profile photo of Vinaya
      Vinaya Post author

      Helium was a very powerful writing site. It never missed payment. Before it closed down it settled all payments.

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