How to Become a Better Online Writer


Anyone can publish online, however, only the writers with above average skills get accepted on print. Therefore, if you are published on print, you are trusted more.

To become a writer for print you need to have writing skills, but an online writer needs to have technical knowhow of online writings. If you publish on print, you can sleep well after your article is published, for you don’t have to worry about SEO, SMO and article marketing, web traffic, page ranks etc.

Publishing online is very easy; however, making money from your online articles is really difficult. Even though online publishing is easy, online writing is a difficult career.

In order to succeed as an online writer, you need to understand few things:

  • Getting traffic to your content
  • Optimizing your content for search engines and social media
  • Finding good topic to write

After you have written a content, in order to make it a success, or in other words earn more from the content, you have to market or promote the content properly. Online publishing is very easy compared to print publication. There are numerous publishing platforms, for instance writing sites, blogs, social blogging sites etc. You can also create your own website or blog and publish your articles.

You can begin publishing on trusted writing sites such as HubPages and DailyTwoCents. BlogBourne is a new kid on the block, you can try publishing on this site as well. Publishing on writing sites and social blogging sites will earn you money through revenue sharing system.

You can create free as well as paid blogs on blogspot, wordpress, weebly etc. You can monetize your free blogs through Google Adsense, Amazon, ebay or other ad networks. You make money when your ads are clicked or the affiliate products are sold.

You can also register your domain, buy a hosting account and launch your own website or blog. If you have a paid blog, you are more trusted as a writer. You can earn from your paid blog in various way, for instance selling ad space, selling your own products, affiliate marketing or by having network ads.

It is true that online publishing is very easy, however, making your online content successful can be difficult. In order to become a successful online writer, you must know

  • How to write a good article on commercial and ever green topic
  • How to market your work on social media
  • How to drive search engine traffic by applying SEO
  • How to rank top on search engine

Now that you understand the nuances of online publishing, you are ready to begin your online writing career, just remember to;

Publish regularly

Claim Google Authorship for your online articles

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  1. Profile photo of Francine Labelle
    Francine Labelle

    One aspect I feel you may have overlooked, and I mean no disrespect, is”imagination”. With imagination a writer can create, curate, edit and publish whether it be an article,a poem,a short story and even a book.

    1. Profile photo of Vinaya
      Vinaya Post author

      Thank you very much for your comment.It means a lot to me

  2. Profile photo of Gina145

    Weebly and Blogger allow writers to monetise free blogs, but do not. In order to monetise a WordPress blog, you need to use and pay a host.

    1. Profile photo of Gina145

      That’s good. I mentioned it more because people reading this post need to know it.

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