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Have you noticed, photography and writing, especially online writing, goes hand in hand. If you are publishing online articles, your pictures enlighten the content. You enjoy writing, now take pleasure in photography. You may not always be in a mood to write or jot down details that can be of further use. Nevertheless, photos can help you recall your experience.

It is always better to use your own photos, however, if you don’t have your own photo, you can find free photo on many photo sharing sites. If you don’t know any sites where you can find free photos, or do not find the right image on the site that you are familiar with, than you can directly search photos on Google. However, you must be aware the image search results on Google do not always show free photos. If you are an online writer and looking for free photos to use with your online contents, want here are some tips to find free photos.

Find Free Photo On Google

If you want to know how to find free photo on Google, these tips might help you. Here is a proper way to find free photo on Google.

Go to Image Search

Click Advance Search

Click on usage rights dropdown box.

Choose any of these options:

Free to use or share

Free to use or share, even commercially

Free to use, share or modify

Free to use, share or modify, even commercially

After you save your settings, search the images. If you find the proper image, click it.

Go the site where it is hosted, download/import the images and use on your web contents with proper attribution.

How to Attribute Photos you find on Google

Credit the photo to the author, i.e. the photographer

State the type of licence.

Give the URL of the page where the image is hosted.

Find Free Photo on Photo Sharing Sites

Alternatively, you can also directly visit the sites that offer royalty free photos. Some of the sites where you can find free photos for your contents are: (Note: Not all photos on flickr are free to use)

There are many sites that allow you to download and use the image. While using the image, you must read the usage rights. If it says commercial use no attribution needed, you can use the image. If it says commercial use, attribution needed, you need to attribute the image while using online.

My favorite site is pixabay. You can download and use the photo without any attribution.

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      When I am not using my own pictures, I will alwasy go to pixabay

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