How to Get Ideas For Articles


I am a professional writer. By professional I mean I earn a living from wiring. Since I make money from writing, I have to write regularly. Currently, I publish three articles (400 words plus) on Blogbourne every day, and 2-3 online articles (1000 words plus) on various sites and 1 newspaper article (800 words plus) every week.

My loyal readers, friends and followers time and again ask me the same question:

  • How do you find time to write?
  • How can you be so prolific?
  • How ideas come to you?

The secret lies in two points:

  • I never have dearth of ideas
  • I am very active on the websites where I work

I can make a post out of anything. Just now, my right eye twitched. I can write a post explaining why eye twitches. If I don’t know why eye twitches I can find it on google. I see a small ant carrying a sugar particle. I can make a post giving in details how an ant found a sugar particle and carried it to its hole.

Actually, answers to the aforementioned questions are very simple.

Keeping Your Sense Organs Wide Open

I have enough time to write because I am a fulltime writer. I have nothing to do except write, rewrite and edit written work.

You can call me prolific. I am able to write regularly and produce many works because I read, read and read.

Ideas come to me easily because I keep my sense organs wide are open. I eyes see ideas, my ears hear ideas, my nose smell idea, my mouth taste ideas and my skin feels idea.

Looking for Ideas: Get Idea

Every piece of writing, whether it is a short haiku-poem or a novel, begins with an idea. Every written piece contains an idea. As a professional writer, or a writer writing regularly, we need ideas for our poems, stories, essays, articles, contents, posts etc. You get ideas from the events happing around you, incidents you happen to be a part of, people you meet and talk; from news and entertainments you get from the media (TV/Newspaper/Radio/Internet).

In the beginning, an idea appears like a spark, it is you who has to give air to make it a fire. You have to brood on the idea and make a good use of the idea. If you don’t store your idea in written form, your ideas are easily forgotten. However, it is also true that you forget the ideas that are uninteresting.


    1. Profile photo of Vinaya
      Vinaya Post author

      When you look around,you will always have ideas for your next article.

  1. Profile photo of Rex Trulove
    Rex Trulove

    I do keep a notebook in my pocket since I never know when an idea for an article will come to me. They often happen at the most unexpected times. However, though I usually don’t have problems finding ideas to write about, one of the best sources come from questions that people ask me. If a person asks me a question, there is an excellent chance that there is someone else out there who has the same question. Another great source of ideas is memories. Occasionally letting my mind wander and go over things that happened in the past almost always gives me article idea. (My first article of the day was inspired by a memory.)

    However, I do occasionally have trouble finding time. I have a garden to take care of, yardwork to do around here, I’m the groundskeeper at Church, I take care of the yards of a couple more people, I do some housework since it would be unfair to expect my wife to do it all and there are invariably other chores. In a way, that is a good thing, though, because it means that I must get up and move around from time to time. I have deep vein thrombosis that was caused by sitting too much back when I was writing 10-12 articles a day and from moving around, it is hoped that it won’t get worse but might actually get better.

    1. Profile photo of Vinaya
      Vinaya Post author

      So many ideas around us and so little time to write about them.

    2. Profile photo of Rex Trulove
      Rex Trulove

      Exactly right. That has always been my biggest problem. I seldom lack things to write about, but I sometimes can’t decide which things to write about, because there are so many. 🙂

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    Vinaya Post author

    The main difference between a professional writer and hobbyist writer is: one does not know what to write first and the later does not know how to begin writing.

    1. Profile photo of Vinaya
      Vinaya Post author

      You give an interesting connotations. Yes, ideas pop up like pop corn. It should be used when fresh.

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