How to Make More Money on Writing Sites

Publishing on websites and blogs will help you earn money directly because when you publish, your post will garner views/likes/comments, which will be converted into money based on the ad impression and revenue your posts will generate.

Online writing demands active participation. Becoming more active means spending enough time on the sites where you are publishing your works. As long as you are ready to give your time on online writing, online writing will reward you.

You need to be more active on the sites where you publish so that you will perform well. Performing well means earning well. Good performances mean better stats, better stats results in more money.

What are the activities you need to perform on writing sites so that you can become active?

Publish more

Publish good posts

Interact more (comment and like posts)

Build connection (follow writers and make friends)

Share your works on various social media platforms

As long as you are active, you will continue to earn from online writing. Some of the qualities that your articles need in order to attract traffic are: attractiveness of the title, usefulness of the content, social media sharing and search engine optimization.

When you spend more time on online writing, you will be earning more money. In order to succeed, you will have to

  • publish more post.
  • leave comments on posts
  • reply to the comments on your own post
  • make more connections

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    1. Profile photo of Vinaya
      Vinaya Post author

      Interaction is key. Social media sharing is done in a hope that there will be some interaction.

    1. Profile photo of Vinaya
      Vinaya Post author

      That’s right. However, never go for large number of connection, always think about loyal connection, those who comment on view your contents.

    1. Profile photo of Vinaya
      Vinaya Post author

      I believe so. If you are active with publishing and interaction, you will suceed.

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