How to Manipulate Image and Create Digital Art


Image manipulation, also called photo manipulation, is a process to alter a photo/image taken by a camera. Image manipulation is an art form to add effects to the photos. Photos can be manipulated in digital as well as analog medium; however, digital image manipulation is more common these days. Analog photo manipulation is done by altering the negative or adding colors on the positive plate. Digital image manipulation is done through photo editing software such as Photoshop, GIMP, Paint Shop etc.

Photoshop is widely use photo manipulation and digital art creation software. There are two kinds of Photoshop program:

Photoshop CS (comes with different versions such as CS 5, CS 7 etc): This version of Photoshop is tailored for professional designer. It costs more than $600.

Photoshop Elements (also comes in different versions): This version of Photoshop is for hobbyist, which costs less than $100.

Image manipulation is a big no-no in journalism, however, this art form is widely practiced in advertisement and fashion photography. Some people also criticize image manipulation artist for creating unnatural and illusionary effects on photos.

Image manipulation can be basically divided into two categories.

Creative Retouch: Creative retouch includes altering the original image, creating composite images or photomontage, creating illusionary effects.

Technical Retouch: Technical retouch includes adjusting brightness and color, and correcting flaws on the photo.

  • Image manipulation is also done to create digital art

How to Create Digital Arts

Digital art, also called graphic art, is the new age art genre. Digital artworks are created through photo manipulation programs in a computer. Digital arts can incorporate different art genres, such as abstract, cubism, impression, minimalism, landscape etc.

Painters use colors, brushes and canvas to create artworks, illustrators use pen, pencil, or charcoal to draw on paper, and digital artists use photo editing programs such as Photoshop, Paint Shop and GIMP to create their artworks. Digital art can also be created on online photo editors.

If you have some skills with photo editing programs, you can easily create digital art. There are many ways to create digital art. Here are two simple ways of creating digital arts.

Choose a base photo. Play with the presets on your program and apply various filter effects on the photo, and your art will be ready in couple of minutes.

Create a plain canvas on your program. Choose a paintbrush or pencil and draw. Play with color and light effects, and apply filter effects.

The digital art used as the feature image in this article was created on Photoshop CS7 by the author.


    1. Profile photo of Vinaya
      Vinaya Post author

      You need to try photo manipulation, it is not only fun but also helps you create amazing photos.

  1. Profile photo of Fifi Leigh
    Fifi Leigh

    your cover picture would make a good logo for you.

    i like playing with photoshop and illustrator, creating my own promotional material, logos, and changing my photos in some way. i need to practice using indesign.

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    Mohan Manohar Mekap

    Android has some nifty apps in its kitty where many such edit and deep customization can be done easily and I agree Adobe PS is the mother of all such customizations of digital image processing.

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