How to Protect Your Images

If you are online publisher, it is possible that your articles may be stolen someday. There is no way you can stop your article for being copied and published elsewhere with someone’s name. Like the written content, your images can also be stolen. In fact images are more prone to theft compared to article. Content theft is a big problem online. You can file a DMCA in order to penalize the thief.

You cannot stop anyone to steal your article, however, there are ways to prevent image theft.

Watermark Photos To Prevent Theft

Watermarks are the symbols or texts that appear on the photo, which are clearly visible or camouflaged. Watermark associates the photo with the photographer, creator or the owner. Watermarking is probably the best way to protect photo theft on the internet.

If you are active on writing sites, you can see the members already using watermarked photos. Based on my observation, I can categorized three kinds of watermarks.

  1. Members use copyright symbol and write their names
  2. Members use quotation along with their names
  3. Watermarks by the image hosting sites

If you are too much concerned about your photos being stolen, you can watermark your photos by writing your name over the photo (#1 is the example). You can use offline (Photoshop, GIMP, Photoscape etc.) and online (Befunky, Picmonkey etc) photo editors to create watermarks on your photos.

If you want to create interesting graphics for your content, you can place quotes on your photos and watermark you photo (#2 is the example). Once again photo editor are a great help to create graphics.

You can see watermarks on stock images. These kinds of watermarks imply that these images are copyrights protected. You are not supposed to use these images. If you want to use these images, you will have to buy the rights.

Many people share images they find on any websites or Google Image Search. Using others’ images is a stealing. You must always look for photo license if you want to use an image you found on the internet.

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  1. Profile photo of Vinaya
    Vinaya Post author

    Since our images are also our intellectual property, we need to protect them from being stolen. Watermarks can help you protect your images.

  2. Profile photo of Kyla Matton Osborne
    Kyla Matton Osborne

    A lot of people think because the image is only a small part of their post or their social media interaction, it’s “fair use” when they take a photo without permission. They’ll even go so far as to give credit. But photos are tricky because the photo itself is the entire work. So fair use doesn’t apply the same way as it does if someone quotes a sentence from an article. Good on you for talking both about protecting our own images and respecting the copyrights of others!

  3. Profile photo of Pat Z Anthony
    Pat Z Anthony

    We really do need to protect our work. Many or my photos are other sites, taken w/o permission. Some do have me connected to the photo, but no one ever asked if they could use my pictures.

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