How to Select Cocktails and Mocktails for Your Party

 Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are very important part of the parties. If you are planning a party, you can offer a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages to your guests.

While selecting the beverages, you have to be careful about the drinks preferences of your guests. Your guests can be children as well as adults. You can offer interesting cocktails to your adult guests and delicious mocktails (non-alcoholic cocktails) for underage guests. Cocktails and mocktails can be hot, cold, or frozen beverages.

While creating cocktails for adult guests, you must not forget about the children. You have to create delicious non-alcoholic beverages for minor guests. If you offer mocktails for children, it will prevent them from being curious about cocktails and sneaking to taste cocktails.  You can create mocktails in variety of flavors, colors and textures from soft drinks, chocolate drinks, juices etc.

Cocktails Recipes for Your Party

You can create different kinds of hot and cold cocktails. Usually, people prefer to dink one of two hot cocktails and consume more cold cocktails. Here are some hot and cold cocktail recipes:

  • Punch: Alcoholic beverage created from vodka or rum and topped with fruit juice, lemon/lime soda and ice, and served in a punch bowl. It is sweet to taste. You can also add a ladle of sherbet or champagne to give the punch a refined taste and flavor.
  • Martini: Alcoholic drink made by mixing vermouth (white wine flavored with aromatic herbs) with gin or vodka. You can also create eggnog martini. Eggnog is a punch made from sweetened milk, or a mixture of cream and eggs, and vodka/rum.
  • Champagne cocktails: You can mix sweet vermouth, grenadine (syrup made from pomegranate juice) and champagne to create champagne based cocktail. You can garnish champagne cocktail with strawberry. Champagne cocktail is best served at midnight when the countdown begins.
  • Hot cocktails: Some simple hot cocktails are spiked coffees and spiked hot chocolates. Spiking is a process of adding alcohol to the beverages and creating cocktails. You can create more interesting hot cocktails by combining hot cider, cranberry juice and rum. Another hot cocktail is hot chocolate cocktail. You can create hot chocolate cocktails by mixing hot chocolate with butterscotch and cognac or any other alcohol of your taste.

Celebrations and parties are usually associated with alcohol consumptions. It is always better to offer cocktails rather than plain alcoholic drinks. You can create interesting cocktails from vodka, rum, champagne, cognac, gin, tequila etc.

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      If you do not use alcohol, you can try mocktails instead. You can find many interesting mocktails.

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