How To Take Care Of Kids


We may be a parent or no parent, it is true that we all know how children like because were all were children once upon a time. Interestingly, most of us do not understand children and expect children to behave like adults.

We have so little time for childhood, just 12 years (between the age of 1 and 12), however, childhood has a great impact in our lives. What kind of adults we are depends on the kind of childhood we had. If we had happy childhood, we would be an optimist, loving, and sincere individual, if we had sad and painful childhood, we are arrogant, bad tempered adult.

Therefore, adulthood entirely depends on our childhood. Thus, if we are a parent, a guardian, a teacher, or have children around, it is very necessary to make their lives happy and pleasant. We need to engage them in fun activities and mold them into responsible, optimist and vivacious adult.

One of the fun activities for children can be cloud watching. If you go cloud watching, you will be surprised at how much fun you can have watching the clouds. The good thing about cloud watching is that each person’s perception is different. What may seem like a duck to you might seem like something else to your child. It can also be educational in a fun way, by learning the names of different clouds.

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      If you missed anything as a child,you should give them to your children.

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