How to Thank Your Readers


Writing is a solitary activity, but publishing is not. Publishing means sharing your knowledge, wisdom, experience, views, visions, insights and thoughts with the readers.

A writer’s success is largely determined by the number of his/her readers. Without the readership, a writer is none existent. Writing is associated with reading, that’s why the first writing lesson, any writing guru will give you, is “how to write for the readers.” As long as a writer can satisfy his readers, he will succeed. There as a writer, you should always be thankful to your readers.

If you write for print publication, or if you are a book author, it is not possible to thank every reader. However, if you are an online writer, you can always thank your readers.

The interesting thing about online writing is most of your readers are also writers. You publish your works on Blogbourne means your readers are Blogbourne writers.

Here are some tips to thank your readers.

When someone likes your article, reciprocate your reader by liking his/her article.

When a reader leaves a comment, reciprocate him/her by leaving a comment on his/her article.

Reply to the reader’s comment.

Like the comment left by the reader.

Tag your reader’s name in your comment.

If a reader wants to follow your work by connecting with you, be open-minded for reciprocation.

As long as you care about your reader, you, the writer, will never fail.

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      Vinaya Post author

      Reciprocation is must in online writing. Now,I need to reciprocate you .

    1. Profile photo of Vinaya
      Vinaya Post author

      Yes, if you don’t care about your fellow writers, you will never succeed.

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