How to Write an Interesting Online Profile


Basic rule on most of the websites whether a writing site, blogging site, social blogging site, social media site, or niche content sites is to provide a username, profile picture and a bio. If you don’t want, you don’t have to revel everything about yourself on your online profile.

Here are some tips to write an interesting bio:

  • Tell what you are, who you are (for instance, I’m a nurse).
  • Without revealing much, give some personal info (for instance, I live with my cat Tabby).
  • Tell what you love to do (for instance, apart from writing, I love to walk on the beach).
  • Tell about your interest (for instance, I love collecting butterfly specimens).
  • Try to be funny and humorous (for instance, I have climbed trees; I love swinging in the middle of night).
  • Write about your dreams and aspirations (for instance, I have a dream of publishing a cook book).
  • Share an interesting statement or quote. It does not matter whether the statement/quote is your own or burrowed. If it is burrowed, include quotation marks (for instance, “If life gives you lemon, make orange juice and leave people wondering how you did this,” by anonymous).
  • State your achievements (for instance, I have been interviewed by a fellow writer on X site)
  • Write about your goals (for instance, I will contribute 10 percent of my earnings to a charity).
  • Try to be concise.

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