How to Write on Current Topic and Make Money


You can write and publish anything online, for instance, poems, short stories, flash fictions, essays, articles etc. However, you must be aware that personal stories, opinionated essays, or creative writings will not make you a successful online writer. Opinionated essays and articles are well accepted on print, nevertheless, on the internet informative articles are more preferred.

Even if you publish informative articles, your article may not gain proper visibility because of its subject matter. The subject matter, or the topics, can be broadly classified into:

  • Current Topic
  • Evergreen Topic
  • Commercial Topic

As an online writer, you must not only distinguish Current Topic, Evergreen Topic and Commercial Topic, but also identify profitable subjects to write.

If you write about happening incidents such as news and current affairs, you are writing on current topic. Some of the current topic includes death of a celebrity (for instance when Robin Williams died, lot of people wanted to read about the actor), sport tournaments (for instance when FIFA World Cup was running, lot of people were reading about football/soccer), disease outbreaks (for instance, these days lot of people are reading about Ebola virus) etc.

Current topic has many readers. People are always reading about current affairs, recent happenings and developments and news. Since many people read posts and articles on current topic, these contents are able to garner instant views.

If you want to write on current topic and make money, read newspapers, watch news on TV, and search online. After you identify a topic to write, do some research and publish your post.

However, you must be aware that after certain time your article on current topic stops getting views, which also halts earning. For example, if you wrote an article about FIFA World CUP 2014, who is going to read the article in 2016. However, if you focus on certain aspect of the topic, you can to make your article successful. For instance, if you article was about Messi’s performance on World Cup, this article will continue to gain views because Messi is one of the best footballers.

Benefit of writing on current topic is you receive substantial exposure. You write an article on Valentine’s Day, the article will able to pull lots of traffic in the first and second week of February, and then it will remain sedentary. However, the next year in February, it will begin to pull lots of traffic. Since your article is old, search engines will trust your article more than the recently published contents.

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