Importance of Social Media Sharing


I am on numerous social media platforms, social blogging sites and writing sites. I have built a good connection in these web platforms.

I use facebook and twitter regularly. Whenever I publish a post, I share on facebook and twitter.

I have been using Twitter since 5 years. I don’t have large followers, but I actively use this social media platform to promote my works as well as my fellow writers’ work.

I use Google Plus and Pinterest occasionally. I don’t share all of my posts on Google Plus and Pinterest, I share only evergreen contents on these platforms.

Even though I have accounts on LinkedIn and Tumblr, I don’t share my works on these platforms because I don’t use these social media sites too often.

Even though my social media presence is older than online publishing, I was not using social media much. Later, when I started publishing online, I began taking interest on social media. I learned the ways to use social media to gain traffic to my contents. This was in 2011.

When I was in Bubblews, I had 6500 connections, however I have less than 100 friends on Blogbourne. The number of followers I had in Bublews is unmatched in my internet surfing history, because

I have less than 400 friends on Facebook.

I have less than 500 followers on Twitter.

I have less than 600 connections on Google Plus

I have less than 500 followers on Pinterest.

I have less than 1000 followers on HubPages.

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  1. Profile photo of shaloo walia
    shaloo walia

    I have more than 3000 friends on facebook and about 950 followers on twitter. These are the two major social media sites that I use though my presence is there on all the sites.

    1. Profile photo of Vinaya
      Vinaya Post author

      I have less than 400 friends on facebook, however, I have a good conversion rate. When I share something, I get good response.

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