Kathmandu Spring by Kiyoko Ogura

Kathmandu Spring by Kiyoko Ogura is a nonfiction account of popular people’s uprisings in Nepal in 1990. Kathmandu Spring was originally written in Japanese (the author is a Japanese journalist) with the title 60 Days of a Shaking Kingdom. Later when the book was translated into Nepali, the language of the country where the events of the book actually occurred, When People are Awaken was the given title.

Before jumping straight into to the story, Ogura gives reference to the Tiananmen Square incident (in China), the fall of Berlin wall (in Germany), and India closing its boarder to Nepal. She also gives reference to a political outfit, which did not join the demonstrations held jointly by political parties but carried demonstration on its own. This political outfit rejected the change that occurred after the 41 days of intense demonstrations. They were not happy with the parliamentary democracy that other political parties accepted in 1990. Six years later, this political outfit raised armed struggle against the state. They were called Communist Party of Nepal Maoist and they raised People’s War for 10 years. The bloody war killed 14 thousand people and injured over one hundred thousand people.

When People are Awaken is the dramatized version of historical evidences based on the oral testimonies of 1050 people and Ogura’s strenuous working for two years. The resource people included persons injured, families of victims, political party activists, politicians and eyewitness.

The book is available in other languages including English and Nepali. The English translation was published as “Kathmandu Spring” in 2001, and the Nepali translation came out couple of years ago. “When People are Awaken” is the title of Kiyoko Ogura’s “60 days of a Shaking Kingdom.” Kathmandu Spring tries to make Nepal’s struggle for democracy popular to the international audience, whereas the Nepali version reminds people about the people power.

Kiyoko Ogura is a Japanese journalist and a writer who has written a book based on the political upheavals in Nepal. Ogura’s When People are Awaken (English title: Kathmandu Spring) hurls into the everyday anecdotes and heart wrenching tales of the Spring of 1990.

In the spring of 1990, common people in Nepal gathered in the streets and demonstrated against autocratic king. Today, the demonstration of 1990 is popularly called the First People’s Movement, first because yet in another 15 years interlude, people again bequeathed the same spirit to find democracy.

This non-fiction book reminds us of the great people power, and explains the background for people uprisings in Nepal, in 1990 and 2006.


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    Pat Z Anthony

    This sounds like it would be an interesting book to read. It is always good to learn how people in other areas react to one in office they are not happy with.

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      Vinaya Post author

      If you want to learn about democrative movement, you will enjoy the book

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