Strange Addictions: These People Have a Lust for Eating the “Inedible”

There used to be a show on television called My Strange Addiction and it showed many cases of people that were addicted to eating things that were not considered a normal food substance. Some were downright dangerous, others were just gross and would make you squeamish and cause you to either look away from the screen. Or you might watch in utter disgust, depending on your curiosity level.

Psychiatrists have determined that this “quest for the bizarre” in a person’s diet is an actual eating disorder. It may be brought on by deficiencies in the body or it could be a type of mental disorder. Some people who indulge in eating something that is not part of the usual food pyramid, do not actually cause any harm to their systems. But other people, who attempt to ingest weirder things, can cause life-threatening consequences to themselves.

Let’s take a look (if you dare!) at some of the strangest, most bizarre things people have ingested in an attempt to satisfy some strange craving. Remember that to the people ingesting these oddities, it appears no different to them than someone craving a fat juicy cheeseburger when they are on a diet. They know it is wrong, but they just can’t help “cheating” on the proper food intake.

The Man Who Ate 40 Knives

This is the story that actually prompted this article. It took doctors in India nearly 5 hours to perform surgery on a man who had been “eating” knives for nearly a two-month period, until he developed stomach pains. Surjeet Singh, the patient, stated that he enjoyed the taste of the metal and just started swallowing them, some opened, some closed.

Doctors say that they believe he suffers from psychological issues stemming from a car accident that he was in. They also say that they were quite shocked to find 40 knives, some quite rusty, in his stomach. Hopefully, the man is on the road to recovery and will stop this dangerous eating habit.

Woman Eats Husband’s Remains

This one is almost too bizarre to believe, but the grief of losing a spouse can do strange things to your mind as you seek ways to comfort yourself. Casie and Shawn were only married a short two-and-a-half years when he suddenly died. According to My Strange Addiction, Casie carried her husband’s cremated remains everywhere she went.

That in itself is not so strange, but one day, Casie spilled the remains accidently. Instead of putting them back into the urn, she licked them off of her hand, thus starting her strange behavior and eating addiction. Somehow, ingesting her husband’s ashes made her feel closer to him and she used it as a way to cope.

Ingesting the ashes of a deceased person can be dangerous due to the chemicals used in the cremation process. Since appearing on the show, Casie did seek help and checked herself into a facility. Sources state that she did not bring her husband’s ashes with her. Hopefully Casie has learned to cope with her husband’s death in other, much healthier, ways.

Craving the Strange or Inedible Items

While most people would find eating knives, or a person’s ashes too bizarre to even think about, when one has an eating disorder such as this, it doesn’t seem so bizarre to them. They even realize it is wrong and probably hide it from friends and family. Yet they cannot keep from indulging in such strange “food” habits, any more than perhaps a drug addict can stop himself from hunting his next fix.

It’s an addiction just like everything else…drugs, alcohol, smoking…these are all addictions. Many people watched the show My Strange Addiction for the shock factor and even for entertainment. They laughed and made fun of the people and their strange eating habits.

Addiction of any kind is not a laughing matter, so let’s be glad that Surjeet and Casie got the help they needed before they had to face more serious consequences. If you know someone with an eating disorder such as this, or any other kind of addiction, offer them help and guidance. Who knows? You might be just the person to save them.


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  1. Profile photo of Kyla Matton Osborne
    Kyla Matton Osborne

    Pica really is a sad thing. And a horrible condition for the person living with it. Thanks so much for taking a serious look at something that many people dismiss as funny or stupid.

  2. Profile photo of Donna Thacker
    Donna Thacker Post author

    Thank you Tania and Kyla, for your comments. Yes it is sad that people have to go through such horrible addictions and issues. I hope more become aware of the seriousness of Pica.

  3. Profile photo of Deb Jones
    Deb Jones

    Reality TV shows have their place if at least part of their goal is to inform people rather than to merely entertain with other people’s serious issues.

    1. Profile photo of Donna Thacker
      Donna Thacker Post author

      Oh yes, I agree. Some people saw it as mere entertainment though and it is a much more serious thing.

  4. Profile photo of Coral Levang
    Coral Levang

    When we still had cable television, I watched that show a couple of times. There was a woman who would eat foam beds. It was certainly a very odd addiction.

    1. Profile photo of Donna Thacker
      Donna Thacker Post author

      Yes I watched it too a couple of times. I couldn’t even grasp what some of them ate.

  5. Profile photo of Vickie Ewell
    Vickie Ewell

    Reality TV is a bit too much for me, but I find it incredible how far people will go to just to experience pleasure. I used to cook professionally, and I just can’t get the image of those 40 knives out of my head now.

    1. Profile photo of Donna Thacker
      Donna Thacker Post author

      I cannot even imagine trying to swallow one knife let alone 40 of them. It is a disturbing image, isn’t it?

  6. Profile photo of Rex Trulove
    Rex Trulove

    I often eat things that many people consider to be strange, but that is mostly a cultural thing. None of it is inedible and all of it is good, even though some people wouldn’t even consider eating it. 🙂

    1. Profile photo of Donna Thacker
      Donna Thacker Post author

      Yes we all seem to have strange eating habits, some are cultural and others are just a matter of taste, or region. I enjoy using my imagination while cooking but there are some things I would not even try, lol.

    2. Profile photo of Rex Trulove
      Rex Trulove

      I’ve even thought of sharing some of my recipes for squirrel, frogs and things like that, and I might still do it, but I suspect that some people would see a recipe for a rodent or amphibian and think, “Ewwwww!” LOL

    3. Profile photo of Donna Thacker
      Donna Thacker Post author

      Hmmm, nothing better than a fried squirrel with mashed potatoes, gravy and biscuits. See there…my Southern roots are showing, lol. Yes most probably would go, “EWWWW!”

    4. Profile photo of Rex Trulove
      Rex Trulove

      I make pretty good creamed squirrel and cabbage and love squirrel stew. (Porcupine stew is even better, though I’ll admit that a person has to take a lot more care when cleaning them. 🙂 )

    5. Profile photo of Donna Thacker
      Donna Thacker Post author

      I have only eaten fried squirrel, but I do love cabbage and that sounds very interesting. I guess you have to be southern, or country folk to be willing to try something like that. I was raised in the country so we mostly ate, rabbit, squirrel, fish or whatever was in season, lol.

    6. Profile photo of Rex Trulove
      Rex Trulove

      “Country folk” is probably the most accurate. I’m from Oregon, now living in the mountains of Montana and have never lived in the south. 🙂 However, growing up, we might have gone hungry if it wasn’t for wild game, especially venison and elk.

      The cabbage goes great with squirrel (rabbit too) and it leaves the meat extremely tender.

  7. Profile photo of Jo Pin
    Jo Pin

    We live in a world where everything seem taking things down to the most morbid to bizarre kind of living. This kind of addiction has been a practice even in the past centuries. Some do this as rituals and others because of their ancestor’s beliefs.

  8. Profile photo of Treathyl FOX
    Treathyl FOX

    This post upsets me. Have never met someone with a strange addiction. But if I had I would have immediately told them to get help because I doubt if I could help them myself.

  9. Profile photo of Linda Jenkinson
    Linda Jenkinson

    It is weird and strange to people who do not share these people’s odd ‘appetites’ but as the man with the 40 knives illustrates- some of it can be dangerous and therefore must be urgently addressed! Informative article Donna!

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