Making Money By Writing on Evergreen and Commercial Topics

In order to earn more from online writing, you have to write and publish on evergreen topics and commercial topics. Any writing gurus will always tell you

“Always write on commercial and evergreen topic and avoid saturated topics”

How to Write on Evergreen Topic and Make Money

Evergreen topic refers to the subjects that are useful and informative for many years to come, for example articles on health, history, religion, philosophy, personalities, food etc. are evergreen topics.

Let’s take an example here. When Robin Williams died, many people began searching materials about the actor, however, a year later very few people were interested to read about the death of Robin Williams. Contrarily, people will read “Health Benefits of Rose Flower” today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

If you want to make your contents useful for many years to come, always look for the topics that have universal appeal (for instance, people from around the world want to know how to prevent typhoid) and informative (for instance, people are always looking for new recipes).

Before you sit down to write, try to find what subject people are reading. After the topic selection, provide information on the body of your article.

How to Write on Commercial Topic

Since articles on finance, business, travel, insurance etc. attract advertisers, these are commercial topics. Commercial topics are the subjects that advertisers like to put more money on advertisements.

If you have your own website or blog, or publish on subdomains and niche content sites, writing on commercial topics will earn you more money. In order to write on commercial topics, you will have to research on the subject and provide information and tips in your article.

Interestingly, you can also make current topic an evergreen topic and then commercially viable. For instance, if you publish “Top Ten Successful Movies by Robin Williams” this will be a current topic (because Robin Williams died recently), evergreen topic (because people will always be interested to watch an actor like Robin Williams) and commercial topic (because the advertisers have the liberty to place DVD ads, film school ads etc.)

If you are publishing personal stories or articles on seasonal topic, on your blogs and websites, it is perfectly okay for such articles to become non-performing. However, if you are publishing informative online contents on evergreen topic, you must be able to get regular visitors so that these articles will continuously earn you money. Here lies the importance of search engines optimization (SEO).

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