Movie Review: Law Abiding Citizen


If you love suspense thriller, Law Abiding Citizen is a good movie for you. The movie features, Jamie Foxx and Gerard Butler in the lead. Jamie Foxx plays a good guy and Gerard Butler plays a bad guy. Law Abiding Citizen is quite entertaining, even though it is not the best movie, or one of the best movies, from these actors.

Is it ok to take laws in own hand when the criminal is let loose because of loopholes in the justice system? The movie tries to deal with this issue.

Gerald Butler is a happy man living with a caring wife and a loving daughter. One fateful day, some crazy men break into the house and murder the wife and the daughter. The court gives clean cheat to the murders on the basis of no concrete proofs. Butler believes that the murderers are intentionally let loose. He is wants to kill the murderers himself and revenge the entire legal system.

Jamie Foxx, an attorney, is a protector of justice. He believes that there are loopholes in the justice system and sometimes criminals may go unpunished.

Jamie Foxx is the protector of law and Gerald Butler tries to become the law himself. The chase begins when Butler begins to kill the murders. No one but only Jamie Foxx can stop Butler.

I give 4 out of 5 stars for Law Abiding Citizen

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      Vinaya Post author

      Yes, I enjoyed this movie very much. I hope you will also enjoy.

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      Vinaya Post author

      I don’t justify violence, but Butler was really in bad situation.

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