National Lipstick Day — Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream

Nyx SMLC in shade: Copenhagen

Nyx SMLC in shade: Copenhagen

Whew! We’re now on the final entry for today, i’ll keep it short as possible lol sorry! I dont sounds like a professional blogger! Because Im not 🙂 but i hope you can feel my emotions while writing my articles.. Im gonna keep this short, no list of Pros and Cons.



The third brand of lipstick I like to use is Nyx. It was considered a drugstore make-up, you can find this at wall greens, CVS and Target,but only selective products, all their products including brushes can be found in their main store, so far i know two locations of their store nearby, one in Walnut Creek and one in San Jose both here in California. And of course online.

I like Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream because it was the very first liquid lipstick Ive ever tried on! I’m very picky with lipstick, but one day i gave it a go, and boy i dont regret it. Its cheap too! Only $6 plus tax. Its a matte liquid lipstick. Meaning its matte but not like Colourpop it doesnt make your lips dry. Its creamy but its easy to apply. Its a liquid lipstick but it doesnt feel heavy on the lips. Dries fast and feels like not wearing any lipstick at all.

But the cons is it doesnt last that long. I remember eating popcorn in the cinema, after the movie my lips are naked again. It has a very light scent, you won’t even notice unless you sniff it. And it dries fast in its container. Im not saying its totally dry, but the container feels lighter though i havent been using it for months. I guess thats how the liquid lipsticks are. But not with the Colourpop.




The shades I recommend are:
San Paolo – kind of pink. i like it so much i have three of this shade.
Monte Carlo – its red. Someone told me it won the best red liquid lipstick..
Antwerp – a little lighter than San Paolo.
Abu Dhabi- its a nude color.

Alright! Thats its for today! Imma go to sleep now 🙂 its 1am and its not National Lipstick day anymore! Hehehe And again, do not buy fake products!

All images are mine.

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