Rain is Good for Rice Plant

After raining heavily for about 8 hours, the rain has stopped. Continuous rain at this time of the year is very normal in our place. We call it monsoon season. Monsoon is the rainy season in south Asia which occurs when rain clouds gathered in the Bay of Bengal are swept away by wind towards Indian sub-continent.

It’s raining heavily here in a farm in western Nepal. I can hear rain splattering on my garden, and gushing stream near my farmhouse.

Rain means so much to me. I associate rain with tears of joy and pleasure.

I desperately wanted rain:

To irrigate my farmland

To water my plants

To lower the temperature in my place

My farmland is drenched in the torrential. My plants are watered. I hope the harvest will be great.

In the past few weeks, the temperature has been around 38 degree Celsius. After this rain, I’m sure it will lower and the climate will be good for us.  

Now, my vegetables have been watered thoroughly.

Now, my farm has been irrigated thoroughly.

Now, I have planted corn and beans.

Friday was rainy, therefore, Saturday morning is cool. At this moment, it has stopped raining, however, I can still see rainclouds in the sky. It is a sunny morning. Morning sunlight gives pleasant sensation even though it is summertime. Thanks to the torrential downpour on Friday.

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      Vinaya Post author

      Rice is a staple food in our culture as well. Thanks for commenting.

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      Vinaya Post author

      I love monsoon. I find the monsoon season very romantic.

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