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I am a writer for web and print. As a web writer, I publish online contents on websites. As a writer for print, I publish articles and stories on newspapers and magazines. There is a vast difference between these writing platforms. Print needs literary and flowery language. Web needs simple language.

Print writings are more of literary kind, I need vocabulary and language skills, whereas web writing needs technical knowhow such as SEO, keywords, keyphrase etc.

If you regularly publish online, you might be aware about search engine traffic and search engine page rank. Here are some useful SEO tips that help you rank top on search engines and generate volume traffic.

# Write useful and informative contents.

Home Remedies for Long and Thick Hair is one of my successful online articles. It was published about 5 years, it has over 300,000 views and ranks #3 on Google.

The title is not only a long tail search term (exact query that someone types on search engines’ search box), but also have couple of keywords that has moderate search volume. Moderate search volume means it is neither highly competitive nor has low searched keywords.

This article also earns me more money than any other online article because it is commercial topic. Commercial means advertisers put more money on the advertorials appearing on the pages with this kind of topic. Finance, health, and travel are some of the commercial topics.

Home Remedies for Long and Thick Hair is also an evergreen topic. Evergreen means the topic is not seasonal but read throughout the year.

# Use keywords keyphrase or long tail search terms

First and foremost, you have to remember to use keywords, keyphrase or long tail search terms in the title and the body of your article, which increases chances of appearing on search engines. In order to make your contents appear on search engines, you have to make your contents unique and informative. If you can identify different types of topics to write on internet, you can even make your personal stories appeal to wider audience.

If you can, try to use long tail search terms as your title, or use at least one keyword in your title.

Use keywords in the body of your article. Keywords must come naturally. Normally it is good to have about 5 percent keywords in your article. In order to get good traffic, your content must be on commercial and evergreen topic. You content must make good use of keywords, keyphrase and long tail search terms.

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      SEO is technique to get traffic to your content.It is as simple as tweaking the title and as complicated as adding or removing paragraphs.

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      If you take online writing seriously, you should certainly do SEO.

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