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My first day out in San Francisco. My first day out in San Francisco.

Oh hi! My name is Jennifer, i stumbled upon this website, i like writing and reading, but mostly i like to write and get paid while doing it. I will be sharing my thoughts, my travel adventures, the way i cook my foods, my make ups, mostly lipstick collections and also i will be sharing my frustration and depression, One blog at a time.

first of all, a little snippet about me, you already know my name, Im from San Francisco, California, living the life with the special person that i chose to be with for(hopefully) the rest of my life, Im originally from the Philippines, yes im a Filipina trying to fit in the foreign world of United State of America, Ive been living here for 2yrs and 7months, and i’ll count every single day as long as I can. 

I just turned 31 years old this month, im a housewife, though maybe back in the Philippines being a housewife is just fine, here in the US, if you’re a housewife, you’re being frowned upon. I dont know why, i used to be so proud to point that I brag about being a stay home wife, catering to whatever the house and my husband’s needs. But the reaction i get from people is affecting me, but that will be a different story that I will gladly elaborate later.

ok thats it for now. I dont wanna bore you with a long nonsense article. I now conclude my introduction. 

Till later.


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  1. Profile photo of Marie Edgerly
    Marie Edgerly

    Nice to meet you Jennifer. I signed up recently myself and I am going to do the same thing blog about pretty much anything and everything. I hope you enjoy it here!

  2. Profile photo of BrendaMarieFluhartyClapp

    I am proud to say that I am a housewife. I have been for twenty-one years. I am also a writer and I have been writing for ten years. I wish, you luck in all that you so. If is so nice to meet you, Jennifer.

  3. Profile photo of Jennifer Louie
    Jennifer Louie Post author

    @brendamarie yes, i think im still proud that im a housewife.. im very particular with how i want to clean or organize everything around the house. But today’s generation, a housewife if being frowned upon.. I dont know 🙁 im happy being a housewife tho. Its just people expect me to get out and make money…

  4. Profile photo of JoDee Stout
    JoDee Stout

    Welcome @zelfiquin!! Yes, even at my age I;m a housewife!! No children at home, just our dog, who is part of the family. Absolutely nothing wrong with staying at home, as we all know we can make money on-line!!

  5. Profile photo of Jennifer Louie
    Jennifer Louie Post author

    @stoutjodee omg! Jodee! I miss you! I remember you from bubblews!! My username back then was Jinikyut! Oh yes! But i live in an expensive city of San Francisco, i really feel the discrimination of us housewives here 🙁 im glad i found this blogging site! I finally have an outlet where i can burst out my feelings! And get paid! 🙂

  6. Profile photo of Grecy Garcia
    Grecy Garcia

    Hi Jinikyut!! welcome to Blogbourne and I love and super excited to read all of your posts and to see all your makeups. I hope you do some tutorials too.

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    Nice to meet you. There’s nothing wrong with being a housewife. The problem is that some people don’t appreciate what hard work it is.

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