The Art of Videography and Vlogging


In recent times, I have been taking interest in videography. I don’t have a proper video camera, but the video recording features on my cell phone helps me. When I see some interesting things going around, I take out my phone and shoot videos.

In the beginning, I saved my raw video footage in my computer, but later I self-learned video editing programs and began editing my videos.

The first video I ever published online was created from pictures on Windows movie maker. It was published on Youtube. I have created more than 20 videos, and most of them were published first time on Hubpages. I have published Photoshop tutorial videos, city tour video, monument documentary video, Buddhist ritual video, dance video, and poetry reading video. Most of my videos are between 2-5 minutes. Currently, most ofmy videos are offline, I am thinking to upload these videos on Youtube.

Videography and Vlogging is very profitable.

Since internet users have a short attention time, vlogging is very profitable niche. If you have videography skills, you can earn good money from vlogging. In order to do vloging, you need video shooting, mixing and editing skills. The best platform for vlogging is TouYoube. After you create video, upload on Youtube and apply for monetization. Once approved, you will have adsense ads on your videos. You will earn from ad impression.

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      You can try windows movie maker. It is free to use. You can create great videos on this program.

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