What Do You Do When You Get Sick?

I was too sickly when I was a kid. I took my Grade One twice for being sick. My immune system was too weak. I was too emotional. I got easily sick when I was being scolded for my misgivings. I got sick when I was exposed to dust and dirt.

I stayed in bed for several weeks before I got recovered. While I was recuperating, I stayed near the window and observed my peers playing across the road. I wanted to get well the soonest possible time so that I could join with them.

As I grow up, my immune system has become stable. I am no longer prone to get sick easily. My mother treated me well since I am the youngest of six in our family. She let take a fish oil, herbal medicines to boost my body’s resistance to sickness. She’s a perfect nurse for me.

Attending to outdoor camping since I am a boy scout is inevitable. My parents permitted me to go. However, something was always gone wrong when I came home after that camping. My mother was the one who got sick every time I was away from home.

Now, it’s my turn to take care of my mother. I make her happy by assuring that I am always okay. I take care of myself whenever I’m away.


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