What’s Wrong With Being An Workaholic


I love to work as much as I can. I always want to make my time productive and creative. I never squander my time. I work about 10 hours in a day, and don’t usually take breaks even in the weekends. I miss my working desk even when I am traveling.

You might call me workaholic, however, I have always abstained from using that word. Dictionary defines workaholic as an individual who has compulsory need to work. I don’t think I have that kind of compulsory need. I work so that I can make more money and make my life easier. I work so that my mind stays sane and makes me more creative and productive. I work because I see there is so much to do.

Why do I work too much?

Because I want to earn as much as I can.

Why do I want to earn more?

Because I want to save money for rainy days.

I know the importance of saving money. However, money is hard to come. Normally, I work 10 hours a day, sometimes even more (sometimes up to 14 hours). There are exceptions, however, I don’t take a break from my work, I don’t have weekends off. I work even on weekends.  

I have loans to clear in the bank, I have debts with individuals. Since last six months, I have been trying to earn at least $1000 so that I will be able to pay my bills easily, clear loans and debts, and some money for the rainy days.

What’s wrong with being workaholic?

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