When it rains it pours!!

When it rains it pours!!
We went to see our grown kids about a week ago and it all seemed good. Daughter and son in law were doing good in spite of losing their first baby to miscarriage and son and daughter in law seemed pretty happy!
Well, my son called last night and told me that he didn’t know how to tell me what he had to tell me, but he told me that he didn’t want us to blame his wife but that they were splitting up and it was all his fault! I told him that it is partly both of their fault and that I couldn’t let him take all of the blame, as I know that things have been going on and the wife isn’t completely innocent. He told me that she had found someone else already and that she is very happy now, well she was very happy when they were first together too and all of the other boyfriends and ex husbands too.
I told him that I wouldn’t blame her anymore than I would him because it is a two way street. But, that he had better never sign over rights to his biological child! He told me that he isn’t going to do that and that every other weekend he will have his son and the 2 older kids that are hers from previous relationships. I am glad that they are still getting to be a part of his life, but the first time he makes her mad, I am afraid that she will try and not let him see his own baby. She has been known to do that and then to turn in the exes where they have to go to jail and are charged with numerous things. I pray that she won’t do this to him.
She also has cancer and will be having to go through chemo for that, I am concerned about what will happen if for some reason she doesn’t make it through it all. She has already said that all 3 of the kids go to friends of hers so that they will all stay together and my son was okay with that a while back! I am hoping that he will put his foot down and take his and I pray also that the fathers of the other 2 will fight for them. None of them should have to go with friends if they have loving and caring daddies to raise them and take care of them!  Please pray with me that God’s will be done in all that they do!


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    Pat Z Anthony

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      Gil Camporazo

      I think you are out of context. This is about the case of cancer patient. Please don’t be misled with the title.

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