20 Important Tips for Smart Shopping

Sunday, July 31, 2016

I was browsing in an old Consumer Reports pages, and I found these shopping tips to be helpful and interesting. I also added my shopping tips for more information on picking the right product that most fits your personal needs.

  1. Shop around before buying. Many companies will rip you off, when there are many products of similar quality but cheaper. An example is Tide, in which I would buy anyway for many reasons. But according to a Consumer Reports warning, Costco’s Kirkland Ultra Laundry Detergent cleans as well as Tide, but Kirkland is a lot cheaper. In other others, many non-name brands are as good, as well as even better, than the big name brands. So, it is important to do your research before you spend your money. I prefer natural, eco-friendly products that don’t test on animals.
  2. Dial Gold and Tone soap tend to be very “mushy” soaps. Consumer Reports recommends Irish Spring Aloe, Irish Spring Original, and Oil of Olay because these soaps have the least amount of “mushy” quality.
  3. When buying clothes dryer, Consumer Reports recommends picking one with moisture sensor. This moisture sensor will stop the machine when it senses the clothes are dry, which can prevent or minimize shrinking your clothes. (I should check to see if mine has it because I have accidentally messed up some clothes in the past).
  4. Planning to sell your house? Consumer Reports recommends adding square footage to your home that is similar to the neighbor’s homes. Don’t count on renovations to help much because everyone likes different styles, and most styles tend to be fads and trends.
  5. When remodeling your home, consider only keeping up with your neighbor’s home, not competing with them to make your home better.
  6. Looking for ice cream with less fat content? Consumer Reports recommends Dreyer/Edy’s new Grand Light Vanilla because it contains 50% less fat as well as 33% less calories. I still prefer vegan ice cream, or my own homemade raw vegan ice cream.
  7. Do you use slipcovers for you couch? I do because my two couches are getting old. Well, Consumer Reports warns that you should expect the slipcovers to look the same on your couch as they do in the catalog or picture. I agree because I often struggle to put the slipcover over my couches, every time I wash it, but I have learned to work with it creatively and do my own thing with it in order to create my own new renovated couches.
  8. To save money on your car insurance, Consumer Reports recommends that you don’t use the collision coverage for your car, if it is older than ten years old.
  9. When buying a microwave, always shop around. Consumer Reports recommends Kenmore 6325 or GE JEI460BF. When I bought my new microwave, I decided to buy Whirlpool, which is the same brand as the old one, mostly because I live in a townhouse and I don’t want any issues if I buy a different brand.
  10. Consumer Reports recommends Panasonic DVD-F86 as one of the best DVD Players. My DVD Player is a Panasonic.
  11. Does your car need a new battery? Consider going to PepBoys to get the ProStart Premium 65-750 car battery. It is affordable and good quality. Consumer Reports also warns that the worst car batteries are Sears’ DieHard Gold 33065 and Interstate Mega-Tron MT-65. I recently got a new car battery for my old MX-3 from Mobile Gas Station, in which is good so far because my old car is driving normal again. But I often go to PepBoys to buy other car needs.
  12. Do you want to paint your walls? I definitely need to paint my living room walls. Contractor Grade paint appears to be low quality and you might need to paint the walls four coats to cover everything. High quality paint will require less paint coats, such as two coats. So, do you want to paint more coats for cheaper paint, or buy the more expensive paint and pay less paint coats? It is really your choice. Moreover, Home Depot also has a good paint. Behr Premium Plus tends to have a flat and low-luster look, and it covers everything well with a maximum of two coats.
  13. Consume Reports recommends signing only a one-year contract with your iPhone carrier because a long contract of two years or more can make you pay over $200 penalty to escape its torture system. I chose T-Mobile for my iPhone carrier because I just didn’t want to deal with any contract.
  14. Consumer Reports recommends John Scheeper’s catalog for the best flowers, such as lovely tulips, daffodils, and crocus bulbs. I think flower shops are becoming obsolete these days, and I don’t see them anywhere anymore. Actually, the only times I see flowers for sale are at grocery stores, such as Trader Joes.
  15. To avoid or reduce the pesticide in the food you eat, consider buying organic-labelled food. According to Consumer Reports, organic-labelled foods are 70% organic or pesticide residue-free because they contain the least amount of residue. Even better, if you have a green thumb, grow your own veggies, fruits, and herbs.
  16. Do you have a big yard with lots of fallen leaves and other green items? Consumer Reports recommends Toro Super Blower Vac model 51591, which is a handheld electric blower that vacuums and blows leaves and other yard mess.
  17. Need a new toaster oven? Shop around for the right toaster to best fits your needs. Consumer Reports recommends Procter-Silex CoolTouch 22450 as a good toaster. I recently went to Bed Bath & Beyond to buy a new toaster oven, and I chose the Cuisinart over the Black & Decker because Black & Decker was too basic and had limited features, while the Cuisinart would be more useful for my overall needs.
  18. When going to a gas station, to waste your money on premium gas, especially when your takes regular or unleaded. Premium gas won’t improve your cars driving power in any way, as well as it is a lot more expensive than regular and unleaded gas.
  19. At a car dealership, don’t discuss a trade-in because it can complicate and worsen you chance of getting a good deal on a new car. You might be able to negotiate a good deal later on, after you have a solid quote on the new car you want to buy.
  20. Seeking a new digital camera at a good price? Consumer Reports recommends the Nikon Coolpix 2200. Compared to the Canon PowerShot, the Nikon Coolpix was noted to be much cheaper as well as performed much better with high quality photographs. I don’t even have a digital camera. I mostly use my Minolta 5000 50mm camera and my iPhone6.


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