200 Words Per Post

Some of my friend suggest me always the new born site and I’m really very happy that she never forgets to invite me. This meant a lot that my friends include me to invite for new writing sites. I have heard that here I can write 200 words per article and this is really easy and smooth for a regular writer. This is really good offer to write 200 words per post. There are many blog writing sites where the word limit is more than two hundred words but the regular writers easily can deal with the word limit.

I always prefer to read the FAQ page to get more information from there but I didn’t found the mention about two hundred words per post there but my friend told me two hundred words so I prefer to write as much I can. But still I have confusion about two hundred words as I didn’t found the answer here. Well, one more thing I need to be clear about is that, our articles need to be approved or it will automatically publish and this answer I will get after submitting post. Waiting for approval is such a pain for me to be honest and that’s why I write like a lazy.

Hope I will get my all answer soon.


  1. John

    Hi Shohana! Yes, it’s 200 words per article. I think it will be included in the FAQs, there are some issues have to be attended too.

    But I encourage you and everyone to beyond 200 words because “quality content” as I have read that, google labelled 200 Words as “Thin Content”

    1. Bojel

      I have read it somewhere too 300 words has a good chance of being indexed by Google. Quality vs quantity.

  2. Vinaya

    I think the standard word count is 300 words (recognized by search engine), however, 200 words rule is good because most of us will be writing personal stuff and even if you write 1500 words, your personal story will never be found on Google

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