3 Dr’s in 2 days

Trampolines are some dangerous things. A few years back my youngest son fell off and cracked his head open.
Tuesday evening the boys went to their friends house. Thry all decided to jump on yhe trampoline, and while jumping my older son landed on his brothers thumb and bent it way back.
When they got home and showed us, it was really swollen and looked nasty.
We decided to take him to ER and they did x- rays of it. The Dr. came and told us it was broken at the growth plate. She said she would let his primary Dr. know. She came back and told us that he wanted to see him at 10AM the next morning in his office. Then, she put a wrist splint on and wrapped it.
The next morning we went to see his Dr. and he said that because of where it is broken and it is his dominant hand he wanted him to see an orthopedic surgeon soon.
He put on a thumb splint, becsuse he didn’t like that the other one would let his thumb move and it needed to be immobile.
The Dr. office called a little later and told us that we had to be in a town two hours away by three PM. I had to call my husband and see if he could get off to go with us since we weren’t sure what was going to happen. We got therr just in time!!
The surgeon told us that it was broken close to the growth plate, but it was “broken in a good spot.” He said that he thought a cast would be best for this break.
Son was upset because he was supposed to be starting football practice on the sixteenth. They wrote a note that he can do conditioning that doesnt mess with his arm/hand. Just cant do the push ups and things like that, also no throwing, catching, and tackling. So, at least he can go and do what he can then watch the rest of practice. That way he can see what he is supposed to do.
He will only have to sit out the first couple weeks assuming it heals, then he can get out there and play. He is excited!
We just have to pray that he heals in the next three weeks.
I think that having five kids and this being only the second broken bone in almost 23 years is not a bad record.


  1. Marsha Cooper

    It was just on the news yesterday about how trampoline accidents seems to be at an all time high.
    I don’t know of anyone who’s been seriously injured but lots of owies over the years.
    Fast healing is my hope for him!

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