3 Things I Think About Cambodia

Cambodia is a Kingdom of wonder. It has a land area of 181,035 square kilometers. Cambodia is rich in natural resource such as water, forest, mountain, animals, lake and river coming from mainland China.

It has a large lake, it is Tonle Sab lake. It is abundant of fish in the lake and river to suffice the daily food.

Unfortunately, Cambodia is developing country and its all sectors. Most of the workers are 95% farmer.  The country is still developing such as economic, tourism, etc. The governor has to develop strategic planning such as employment for the people to improve their condition in the society especially in the rural area. He has to strategically plan for the education and structures for the students in improving their studying. 


3 Things I want to share about Cambodia

  1. Build infrastructures, especially for school building in the rural area around the country 
  2. Experienced, competent, qualified teachers to teach the students
  3. Train or teach students to share and develop their ideas for the betterment of the entire country

I hope in 30 years Cambodia will change for the better and will be among the top country in the world. Historians or students will have the chance to read the history of this country and will endure this nation’s vision.




  1. Treathyl FOX

    When it comes to being a tourist destination, Cambodia is on the list for many people as “Places To Visit”. But you want it to be more than just a vacation hot spot. Right? Maybe the government of Cambodia should invite skilled people to live and work there. People like teachers, for example. We are all the human race. We have talents. Why not help each other out?

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