3 Ways to Avoid Bad Breath

Bad breath is really bad. Nobody likes a bad breath and the reason is simple and straight. It drives away good friends and spoils a good conversation. At the same time, there are lots and lots of people among us who silently suffer from having bad breath and who feel embarrassed while talking with their friends or their colleagues at the office and elsewhere. In all probability, such people might have tried a lot of different things and medications to get rid of their bad breath. They are not alone.

In eight out of ten cases, people have bad breath from the mouth, and not from the stomach. To be more specific, it is the bad breath from the tongue.

There are a few things you can do to reduce the sickening smell that comes out of your mouth.

  1. Parsley. Yes, you read that right. You can eat parsley, an aromatic herb, to cure your bad breath for the time being. Instead of buying some expensive pills from a pharmacy near your house, you can very well go in for parsley.
  2. Lemon. If you have gone to a hotel with your friends for a party or something like that and realize that you have a bad breath, ask the waiter to get a glass of water with a lemon on the side. Chew up the lemon. It neutralizes your bad breath. You can also drink lemon juice, which is common among many people. But try to take lemon juice without adding sugar to it. It is because sugar gives you bad breath.
  3. Yogurt. You may have heard that yogurt is good for the stomach. It is good for your mouth too. Yogurt, sour milk and other similar dairy products can help you get rid of your bad breath. Also, try to take sour milk without adding sugar in it. Again, it is because the sugar gives you bad breath.

These three things will not cure your bad breath once and for all. They will only give you some temporary relief for a few hours to overcome awkward situations. If you suffer from chronic bad breath over a long period of time, you should visit a doctor to investigate the cause of your halitosis. There may be an underlying medical conditions that needs attention. You can also learn more bad breath cures online, or by buying a good book on self-care.

image credit: Pixabay


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