5 Disadvantages of Being an Animal Lover

I do believe that those people who are loving their pets, having a lot of pets and treating their pets are family are those who are born with purpose for animals. A good friend said to me that it is quite unfortunate that I belong to those people who love animals, but the “unfortunate” word makes me raised my eyebrow. Why it is unfortunate? In some areas, I do agree that there is a disadvantages of being an animal lover, but having the term “unfortunate” hurts me because I do not treat it that way. I still feel that I am the chosen one to love pets and I will do everything to get the job done. 

What are 5 disadvantages of being an animal lover? 

First, as much as you sympathize whenever you see in the news that there someone who are cruel to animals and animals are not safe in this world, the more you get hurt. I feel an anger build up on me whenever I watched videos that is about animal cruelty. My words could slice a skin and I am cursing. I am a natural nice and sweet kind but when it comes to learning about cruelty, I really want to slice a neck, if only I could. I can’t imagine how some people stoop on the level of the animals when they know they are above them. 

Second, you need to prepare a budget for them. Having a pet is not just you give them food, care and shelter. One time they will get some illness and you have to pay for hospital bills and medicine as well. This is a disadvantage only if you do not have spare money for them or emergency money to be exact, but since they are part of the family for sure you will do everything for them. 

Third, you have to deal with other people who don’t like animals. The very difficult is when you have someone inside your house that hates animals. Sometimes you have to deal with arguments and fights all because of your animals. You need to train your animals for potty and for food. You need to train them on their other actions like jumping, running inside the house, biting on the sofa, urinating etc. Having them on a training means a lot of time will be needed. If you have time to do it, then good, but others don’t so this would be one of the problems. Another one, is if your neighbor are not friendly to animals too? My neighborhood is not so this is my biggest problem. If your animals did something bad outside your house, it is your fault regardless you did not want that to happen or not. They will blame you no matter what your reason is. But if they hurt your animal over the things they do, that is a different thing. It is a disadvantage when problems occurs, but not everyday for sure.

Fourth, being a pet lover, it would take your lifetime to take care of animals. Your pets might leave you one day, but you will have another pets for sure that is why I told you it is for lifetime.It means as long as you are living. As long as you have pets, you still have good memories with some problems. You just need to accept that being a pet lover is a tough job. It is stressful, but it is a good feeling. If you are not open to it and everything that will happen to you, then do not have pets. Do not try to have one because it would be a big disadvantage for you.

Fifth, you need to understand your pets. If you have been taking care of animals ever since, for sure you had a lot of experience about them. You learned to understand their language, you learn to feel if they are not okay, if they are ill. You can really says that they are sad. You can understand how much they miss and love you. It is a great feeling to have a pet so it is a must that you and your pet have to understand each other. It will be a big disadvantage if you will not do an extra miles of knowing your pet. 

Having pets is like having your own child. It requires acceptance, love, patience and big responsibility. If you are not ready to have a pet, don’t have one. 

Image credit to https://pixabay.com/en/cat-pet-mirror-697113/


  1. Andria Perry

    I have two dogs, I rescued both. My problem is finding someone to feed them while I am on vacation. I would love to take them with me but that is something I cannot do.

    1. Sandy KS

      I know how that can be an issue. Next time I go on vacation. I want to take the dogs with me. Especially my little dog. As he loves to travel and go on car rides.

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