5 Disadvantages of Social Media!

5 Disadvantages of Social Media!

Although the social media offers good service to the world at large, it has many disadvantages which it poses. It has created people to meet, begin a relationship and marry. Social media is where you can sell your work and commodities. One can meet lost friends there. The list is too big to cover in on post.


Disadvantages of Social Media!

Here we go at the disadvantages you can encounter in social media:

  1. It happens to have so many anonymous people using nicknames that courmflage them. This makes them do evil things on the net that by the time of their discovery, harm has already been done.
  2. Tagging somebody in photos and posts is good yet disadvantages that crop in is that you may be tagged in an obscene article or picture and by the time you discover, it has already spread like bush fire.
  3. Con people also prey on innocent people on social media.
  4. News on the net spread too fast and the disadvantages it poses on social media is that the wrong news may reach far before being discovered.
  5. Your work is shared, deleted and even used without your consent.

Though there are more to add, we cannot squeeze them in this small post. The social media poses so many disadvantages to the user.


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