5 Things I Learned from My Illness

No one deserves to have an illness but because you failed to take care of your body while you are still stronger, it happens. All you got to do is to follow the doctors order for you to get heal. Enough rest and having faith of immediate healing are the best to do, plus a mighty prayer to guide you all through it. While struggling on the hardest part of this illness I realized a lot of things and that is what I want to share with you. Below are the five things I learned from my illness. 

First, I learned that if I did not take action on solving the problem, it only get worse. Once you found out you have an illness, money is the first problem because you need to have yourself to be checked by the doctor, you need to be admitted in the hospital for monitoring, you need to buy the medicine etc. If the money is the problem, take action of getting one if you don’t have it or if it is insufficient.

Second, stop the drama. Accept that this is happening and the only way to healing is to get heal itself. You need to accept that having an illness is inevitable but there is always a way of healing. You cannot divulge yourself to the drama of why this is happening to me and not on some bad people. It is happening already and not taking action will lead it to worst. Feeling sorry that is happening to you will not help you as well. It will never help you if you look down on yourself. You are not the only that is ill. You should not look that you are poor, you cannot survived it, you are alone etc. Feeling sorry is all negative. Stepping out is the initial stage of being positive and it is the best reaction to every situation. 

Third, swallow your pride. I did. I swallow my pride. I have this pride on the first week. I am calculating my earnings on my online site. I stopped my offline job because they found out about my condition so there is no earning coming from them. The only earning I have is through Humanatic so I calculate how many hours I will work just to earn a lot of money. However, later on I decided I can’t do it all alone. I just found myself texting my offline friends, sending them message to Facebook, asking help to my online friends, having a GoFundMe campaign and the rest is history. I come out because I need help. The help is received and I am thankful I did it. 

Fourth, I learned I have friends. I have friends. I thought I only have two offline friend, but I have lots of offline friends who gave me support through messages and text messages. They might not shared some financials, but they are there through prayers. My online friends are the best, as they had provided both but even though that is what happened, I realized everything counts. Everything that you had done to me had helped me a lot. I will not be here without those help. THANK YOU EVERYONE!

Fifth, I learned to know myself. I never thought I am that strong, that I can do everything just to reverse the negative feeling I had from the start. I was all negative. I even told myself, “I don’t care if I die, I don’t have money so I will die and I will die”. If I can separate my soul for my physical body, you will find my soul slapping my physical body. I am glad I did not surrender from the negativities and instead I shifted to being positive by helping myself, absorbing all the concerns from the message, absorbing all the prayers, doing EFT tapping, just about everything about coming out of my shell to rescue myself. I did it. I glad I did it. God is always been there with me. On the second day, I leave it up to him and he never lets me down. 

I am on my way of healing. Funds is still the problem, but I am working on it. I am now aiming for no surgery and to make the medicine be really effective, because I do believe it is. I guess it is all about faith. 

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  1. Jennifer Louie

    Awww… Im sorry for what you’re going through sis… But God is Good all the time. He has reasons and plans for everything. Get well soon and take extra care of yourself.. Mwahmwah!

  2. Kyuminette

    Glad that I do not have illness but Im always having a terrible headache that I need to take paracetamol three times a day because of stress and depression.

  3. Grecy Garcia Post author

    @kyuminette why depress sissy? Oh no, you have a baby and you are feeling that. You can share it to us in here, please let us help you. That headache, it seems coming from the laptop screen, I hope you adjust the brightness and wear eye glasses when you will use it for longer hours.

    @junebride Thank God because he gave me the best people that are really through thick and thin.

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