5 Things I Received Free Or Deep Discounted

I am a member of several websites where I can receive free products or get them with a huge discount. All I need to do is leave an honest review on my personal experiences with the products.

Many of the websites require you to have Amazon Prime, otherwise you have to pay shipping and handling for your items. You normally can choose one or two items at a time per website. Each website has its own rules. Which must be followed. Otherwise you will not be good standing. Some require a review within a week. Others will give you a month.

Here are 5 things I received free or paid very little for :

DSC00560 (2)

  1. A Spiral Vegetable Cutter – This product allows me to cut any vegetables in two different shapes. Wide thick spirals or thin spirals. If you stop, you can have them look like you grated them as well.

To be honest, I used this product for a few times. Than passed it on to a sibling. As it hurt my wrist to much trying to use it. Yes, it is neat to see different shapes i can make with vegetables. However, with the increase pain in my wrist. I quickly got tired of it.

20160203_133217 (2)

  2. A Selfie Stick – I enjoy using my selfie stick. Since I have short arms, taking pictures of myself can be a challenge. When significant other is on a trip or across the state visiting his brother, he likes me sending photos of myself. Especially if I am out doing something. That way he feels he is right there with me.

20160302_133702 (2)

3. A four port USB port – It plugs in to an outlet and allows you to charge four different items at one time. I have it sitting on a stand by my bed. That way my boyfriend and I’s personal phones can be plugged in. As well as his work phone and my tablet.

DSC00941 (2)

  4. Compression sleeves for my calfs – These are compression sleeves that can be used to work out in for your calfs. They also work well for those who has an ongoing pain issue in their calfs. I have a chronic pain in my right calf. Due to be shot. I can not walk for long periods without being in severe pain. This limits my ability to walk anywhere for very long. This compression sleeves help me to be able to walk further. As they help to reduce the pain.

DSC01182 (2)

5. Onion slicer – I tried to use this product several times. Each time the onions would get stuck in between the blades. I finally decided this product wasn’t worth the effort and through it out.

What are 5 things you have received for free or paid very little for recently?



    1. Sandy KS Post author

      That is good. I hope you found them as enjoyable as I do. I have 28 different review sites listed on my personal blog now.

    2. BrendaMarieFluhartyClapp

      I have Sandy, I found I really enjoy writing reviews. I am still working on writing better reviews. I think the more you do something the better you get at it. I only have four sites that I use at the moment.

    3. Sandy KS Post author

      Yes, I agree. The more you do reviews. The better you will get at writing them. I have one site I do reviews on that requires sharing on social media. One requires a video too.

    1. Sandy KS Post author

      I do have many products I have collected over time. I may get one or two in a week.

    1. Sandy KS Post author

      That is where I want to get to. I want to stock things for birthdays and Christmas gifts.

  1. Marsha Cooper

    I love getting things free or at a discount. I recently got a tablet from snagshout for $27. Unfortunately the dog knocked it off of my table within a few days and shattered the screen!

    1. Sandy KS Post author

      Yes, I love snag shout. That is a good site. Currently I have 28 different sites listed on my personal blog.

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