503 Service Unavailable: What’s This?

While doing my routine here of updating my post, replying to friendship request, reacting to a discussion, this is what I received after I submitted them.

The note says “No server is available to hand this request”. What does it mean? Are you experiencing this too? What have you done to resolve this problem?

It speaks of a server is not available. This means my Internet connection has been cut off. Isn’t it? The server couldn’t make the connection properly. I don’t know if this is right to infer that this has happened because we have experienced 8-hour brown-out. And our Internet has been affected.

By the way, I have met this similar incidence in my previous online activities, especially like this one – online writing. Traffic is great. The site is said to unable to handle the big traffic coming from the active users. And this is what happening. Am I not right?

BlogBourne site is a newly created online writing site. Since its inception which attracts veterans, experts, and of course, the newbies, BB is like a hot cake which is eaten while it fresh from the oven. Besides, it is easy to earn a coin credit after submitting a post or a comment.

Thus, this glitch is common. Isn’t it? Therefore, it necessitates upgrading its system to a better and efficient one. Right?


  1. Isabel

    Not having a problem from Singapore. All good so far on my end after posting an article, commenting here and there, liking this and that. Let’s observe and report the issue when it recurs.

    1. Gil Camporazo Post author

      I think this has reached already to the attention of the keymaster and he has resolved this matter.

  2. Gil Camporazo Post author

    @isay thanks for the timely update. I will, of course. I tried several times and I couldn’t get through. I took time out for a moment and got back and this was I had posted. Thanks again for your concern. 🙂

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