6 Steps to Change Certain Behavior

  1. Define the problem that you want to get rid of, and be specific.
  2. Gather data on target behavior and its frequency, as well as length of occurrence and the situation that triggers this behavior. Write down when, where, why and with whom that this target behavior occurs as well as how it made you feel. Again, be very specific and write everything.
  3. Analyze your data by going over your notes, and then list probable consequences for target behavior. Make another list of available ways that might help you with this problem. List some reinforcements.
  4. Design your program by identifying the problem behavior, the goal behavior, your reinforcement, schedule of reinforcement, feedback/record-keeping procedures, and steps for fading out reinforcements.
  5. Intervention involves just doing the steps and monitoring the steps to check for progress. If you aren’t making any progress, then change the plan in order to help you move forward.
  6. Maintenance is about making sure the new behavior sticks and you don’t go back to your old habits. You may need to stop and reinstate the steps. But continue to record information on the target behavior. Fade out the reinforcement as well as use different reinforcements to avoid a situation.



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