6 Things That Make Me laugh

I have been thinking of what are the things that make me laugh. As it seems lately I haven’t been laughing that much. Not that I have been a Debbie Downer of sorts or anything.

Here are some things that make me laugh when I do not feel like laughing at all :

  1. Tv shows & Movies – Comedies really make me bust a  gut. Right now I am watching a tv series called “Heart of Dixie”. I find it to be a romantic and a comedy at the same time.
  2. My dogs really crack me up. I love playing with them and watching them do silly stuff.
  3. Books – I find certain types of books will get me to laugh. Like joke books.
  4. Facebook graphics – I scroll through my news feed to find things that will make me laugh.
  5. Myself – I find I laugh at myself for some of the things I do. Such as : walking into a room and forgetting why I went in there for. To walk out of the room. Sit down and clearly remember what I should had a few seconds before.
  6. Blogs – Some blogs I visit are a real hoot to read. The blogger makes me laugh and smile.

Most days it doesn’t take much for me to laugh. I am generally in a good mood. Unless my teens decide to argue and mouth back when we are in the process of cleaning. I am a clean freak by nature. Messes upset my aroma. Not sure if the teens think it is funny to upset me or they really hate cleaning. Either way they tend to laugh at how I react to a mess.

What was the last thing that made you laugh?


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    1. Sandy KS Post author

      That is good. My boyfriend is always trying to make me laugh too.

  1. Grecy Garcia

    I have one best friend and she makes me laugh, like laugh out loud. I don’t know if it is about her innocence or stupidity, stubbornness but she really makes me laugh whenever we are together.

  2. Kyla Matton Osborne

    For me, it’s my husband and my kids that make me laugh most often. Two of my daughters, in particular, have their Daddy’s gift for wit. One is especially talented at coming up with puns 🙂

    1. Sandy KS Post author

      That is awesome. A family that laughs together can be very humorous.

  3. Nona

    My youngest son as the last thing to make me laugh. He can be such a silly little boy.

    Lately it is only my kids that seem to make me laugh. Other people who used to make me laugh have left my life for one reason or another and the television shows I watch are generally not comedic.

    1. Sandy KS Post author

      My children make me laugh too. I am glad your can make you laugh as well.

      Try watching “The Secret Life Of pets”. When you get the chance. It is something your kids can see. It will have you laughing throughout it. It is by far the funniest thing I have seen in awhile.

  4. Vinaya

    Jim Carey (hollywood actor) makes me laugh. Kapil Sharma (Indian Stand up comedian) makes me laugh. I make myself lanugh

    1. Sandy KS Post author

      I think Jim Carey is a funny actor / comedian. I am not sure who the other person is you mentioned.

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