A Black and White With a Little Red Quilt in Progress

This quilt was first born when I was given a bag of strips that were black and white and then a few red strips.

I had seen black and white quilts made by others with a splash of another color with accents.  Immediately I knew that I wanted to make one in the simple rail fence pattern.

What I didn’t realize is just how much black and white material I would need to do so!  Somehow I thought what was given to me would be enough.  A laugh on me!  

I have worked on this quilt for 3 weekend quilt retreats now.  As you can see, I have only 4 rows complete.  I am making it 11 rows.   I have enough blocks made for 1 more row.  I’m waiting now on more black and white fabric for more blocks before adding any more on.  

I had a friend give me a little more black and white fabric and I have scoured through my fabric collection and found just a bit more.  I decided that I am also making the back from a mixture of fabrics that I am using on the blocks.  Had I not decided that, yes, I would have enough for the front.  Oh well, I am having fun making it as I go along.  I highly doubt I work on it again until the next retreat I will attend, which is at the end of October.

Do you have any long time projects going that you only work on at certain times?


    1. Marsha Cooper Post author

      I can’t stop myself from starting new ones LOL
      I have fabrics sitting in front of me to make seasonal coaster sets. That’s just a continuation though as I’ve had the 5 inch squares cut for awhile and just keep adding to the pile as I cut other things out and have enough extra fabric from those for more 5 inch squares.
      But watch out as I checked out a book from the guild’s library all about making quilts with 5 inch squares.

  1. Sandy KS

    Only on going projects I have is painting this house. I have did some painted for three summers in a row now.

    One day I want to get my very old sewing machine old to see if it can be brought back to life. It is vintage.

    1. Marsha Cooper Post author

      I used my mom’s sewing machine for years…barely knowing how to use it. I had to have my son come over every time I needed it threaded.

    1. Marsha Cooper Post author

      Yep, lots of different things around the house that need to be done. I had a shelving unit on the deck for 3 years waiting for my husband to fix the shelves. That’s what I get for just not doing it myself….now the shelves had to be sent to the dump.

  2. Fifi Leigh

    I just remodeled my old wicker couches because its cushions were getting too old. i bought two new mattresses from Urban Outfitters, and i added pillows for the back. but i also put the denim couch cover underneath the mattress, and i cover the mattress with a mexican blanket in order to keep it clean. my couches now look cute, kind of like bohemian style daybed. i also added a knit throw on on back of couch, and a wall rug of the Last Supper on the other back of the couch.

    i have written a lot of fashion articles on black and white with red all over, comparing it with that childhood riddle.

    1. Marsha Cooper Post author

      I bet they do look cool! I like the sounds of your wall hanging behind it too.
      I have one of those still hanging on the wall in my mom’s basement when I lived there and tried to make a solid concrete basement out house.

    2. Fifi Leigh

      it is one of those felt rugs you hang on the wall. i think my late father bought it from a garage sale. i just put it over the back of one of the couches, while the other couch i through a knit throw blanket over the back. i might post a photo of it later on one of the posts.

    1. Marsha Cooper Post author

      Thank you, that is very kind of you to say. I’m learning all of the time and love it.

    1. Marsha Cooper Post author

      Oh yes, you sell on amazon right?
      I have 6 totes of completed crafts/sewing/quilting. Some of them aren’t currently listed for sale. I need to work on that, but I also need a better system when an order comes in. It almost never fails that what someone buys I find it in the last tote I look in!

    2. Barbara Radisavljevic

      I’m never sold on Amazon. I hope I never will. I have always been independent. I sold from my own website and tomfolio.com, an independent booksellers listing site. I used their shopping carts. I am not listing my own books anywhere right now, but am considering Shopify.

  3. ParkerRose

    I have lots of projects going n in my mind and it seems that is where they stay. I have recently though f knitting or crocheting a blanket. If I ever get started, I will write about it!! Good luck with your project!

    1. Marsha Cooper Post author

      I was given a big box of yarn, so I’m feeling like starting a crocheted blanket too. Oh….so many things I want to do, but so little time.

  4. Ruth Cox

    Black and white with a splash of red makes for a great design for your quilt. I have hundreds of unfinished articles to write, so I suppose that counts as my unfinished projects. Years ago it was crochet and knitting projects for me but not since I jumped into computers and writing.

    1. Marsha Cooper Post author

      Computer tends to do that. Of course, before computer I made more things for gifts over something to sell.

  5. Nona

    I am in love with quilt. Those pops of red just do it for me.

    I don’t have any long term projects I only work on at certain times. I do have lots of long term projects. Most of them cross stitch. I don’t have specific times I work on them, just when the mood hits me.

    1. Marsha Cooper Post author

      I have been finding a bit more of black and white fabrics to continue working on this one. I keep wanting to get it out but darn it! I have too many other things going. I really doubt that I work on this one again until the quilt retreat at the end of October.

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