A Day At The Park

Walking in the park last evening with my granddaughters was so inspiring to me as we walked from home to the park and enjoying the rays from the sun upon our skin as we all need the Vitamin D that the rays provide for us and as we came into the park the girls took off running towards the swings first and I was left behind to catch up to them and swing them high and just to hear their laughter as they soared in their imagination high up above the clouds and then they wanted to head for the tall slid to see who could get there first of course my eldest granddaughter let the four year old win.


Standing back and letting my mind clear and take in the beauty of the blossoming trees and the green grass as I watch the birds of different species walking on the ground in search of bugs and worms is really good for the soul. The park is where children play and since I am in that category I found myself sitting in a swing as I watched the girls go for the merry go round and spin like a top. The laughter is a sound I welcome for these days and I stop and sit on a bench and just watch as the kids are twirling around on the merry go round faster and faster and chattering and laughing in the park’s yard.


A day at the park is always full of kids playing and parents are sitting and standing on the cell phones which how can you enjoy your child or grandchildren if you are always on the cell phone; it is just unbelievable how parents do not participate in the fun times with their children as they would rather be on the cell phone than interacting on the playground equipment.







  1. IcyBC

    So glad you had a great day with your grandchildren, and enjoying nature!

    My children are old enough to have children of their own, but they said they are not ready 🙂

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