A Especial Day Poem


My life was full of challenges
Every day I face many challenges
In my past years, that gone by I failed many times
and love many times .


But here I am still standing myself alone
and I guess it will be for the rest of my life
I will be alone …and in spite of that I still have
my kids that will always be my strength and my
inspiration..the reason that I have to live and
to be strong to fight the obstacles in my life that
may come and go .

Today is my day but seems like an ordinary day
Seems nothing special ..and have felt
to be special .

But maybe one day soon
the sun will rise and shine back for me
and I have to keep my hope to wait for it
My emotions make me weak and this emotion
will take me to where I am going to be .


Every challenge is my motivation and my inspiration,Life is tough but I’m thankful that I stay positive and no matter what happened I do not give up and will never be because I know where am I leading to going to my  journey .


The finish line is not yet over at the end the is always hope and happiness.

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