A Fire That Was Lit Inside Of Me

I have always loved to write since I was a teenager. I remember sitting in my room writing stories for hours about anything and everything. I remember specifically, at the age of 16, sitting in my parents room listening to George Straight and writing a story about abuse. Why, abuse, I don’t know why, just came to me.  After it was finished, I actually sent it off to a publisher.  Of course I never heard back from them, but that one memory in my life has always stuck with me. Makes me wonder if I still continue to write, that today at the age of 42, I would  have been an published author. In all honesty, to this day I still want to write a novel or even be published on Kindle.

I guess what holds me back is fear. Fear that my work isn’t good enough for the publishers. Fear nobody would read it.  I know being a write your gonna get rejected, not everybody is gonna like your style of work. I get that. But that is always has been in the back of mind.  One thing I still need work on.  I know I can’t let fear hold me back and facing them is only way to move on.  That is why I am glad i found BlogBourne. This site for some reason has lit a fire in me again. I know it may sounds strange, but it’s true. I guess because I feel so at home here, not pressured. Everyone is supportive and I can just sit and write. To me, that is an awesome feeling. Anybody else feel the same way? 

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  1. IcyBC

    Just write! I have similar dream like yours when I was younger, and did the same thing, sent off my first novel. I heard back from the publisher and they wanted me to change the ended (too sad). I didn’t want to do that, so it ended there. Now, I am too old to think and too busy trying to make ends meet.

  2. Sandy KS

    I like sites like this for support in writing too. I get a little support writing my blog from other writers. Not much support from family or real life friends. Bummer, they aren’t writers too!

  3. Marie Edgerly Post author

    Yea the same with me Sandy. The only support o really got was from my husband and mom. Its great to have sites like this for the support with others that do the same as you. BC, atleast you heard back and I plan on writing more.

  4. Marie Edgerly Post author

    That is awesome Vinaya. I have always known I wanted to write. Just put it on the back burner for many years. But now I feel its time to start writing again.

  5. Jean B Figues

    guess what, I also feel the same way… i love to write but i have fear of rejection… glad we have online writing sites to share our passion of writing

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