A Fun Gardening Day

Today was a fun break gardening. The only yucky thing I had to do was pick the white half runner green beans to take to the auction. I cant complain, they brought seven dollars for a peck. I should get at least one more picking from those to sell. I also took two of my pumpkins to the auction after I got them cut off of the vine.


They only brought a quarter each. But I am rid of them without watching them rot. It was worth a try to see if they brought more than that. But it is still very early in the year for those at this time. At least I can say I had the first ones there this year. I should have plenty later this year to decorate with and maybe even extras to sell. I know I will have more than enough gourds for fall.

Later in the day after watching two storms go over without giving us any rain I watered everything. I noticed that my small pumpkins are starting to come on now. These are the ones that are actually gourds so they will last through the season even if they do finish early. I love them to set on the tables in the fall.

All of my flowers are looking good despite the heat. And my hummingbird vine seems to be loving this weather. I had to tie more growth from it up tonight. By the time I was done with that it was getting dark. But I think it made for a good picture as my lightening bug jar was lit up then.


That is an old round bale feeder that I am training it up and over. As the vine grows more it will hide the metal that is still showing. It has taken three years for it to start growing good. I was going to dig it up this fall if it had not. But now it is making up for lost time and I am glad that I waited.I am thinking about putting a bench in the center next year. It will be relaxing to watch the hummingbirds flit around from flower to flower. I might even move the smaller picnic table there instead. Then I can watch for deer also if I sit very still.

Still hoping for rain and a break from the heat. I would enjoy all of my garden work more if that would happen.


photos are mine.


  1. Andria Perry

    I would have loved to had those green beans to can! Seems the small farmers markets around here are selling them in small baskets, to me that is one meal. I need a couple pecks!

    I shared this article on StumbleUpon

    1. Eva James Post author

      If you were close enough I would let you pick the next round. Thanks for sharing

  2. Nona

    A quarter for a pumpkin? Thats a deal. I wonder what they are going to do with them. Too early for jack o lanterns.

    Maybe your hummingbird vine heard you thinking about digging it up and decided it better get a move on. I bet it will be lovely when its all filled out.

    1. Eva James Post author

      The pumpkins are not the good ones for pie either so dont know what she is going to do. It would be cheap seed for next year.
      I know the vine heard me as I told it this spring that it was going to be gone. Glad it believed me.

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